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The Only Decision is Action

May 03, 20243 min read


Think about this for a moment. As you go through your day, any time you said YES to something, but didn’t actually do the thing you said yes to in that moment, you didn’t really decide anything. Did you?

Many of us can fall into this trap and say, oh yes, I’ll do that later. I can get to that tomorrow. Yes I’d love to take a trip to the mountains.

But when later comes and you don’t do the thing. Tomorrow comes and you don’t take action. Or months pass and you haven’t booked that trip to the mountains…all you have here is a case of inaction.

Often times we are jealous or judge others for success, accolades and the fun they are having, all the while we aren’t even working at ALL on getting to that level in our own lives. We aren’t respecting all the hard work, failures, lessons learned and grit that went into achieving that level of success.

The only real decisions you make in your life is what you do in the present moment. Present moment action is when you are – in the moment – doing exactly what you have set out to do.

It can at times be scary, and also liberating! When you start doing more and more present moment action you can find yourself in a flow, continuously doing exactly what you want to be doing while you are doing it.

We get it though, there’s A LOT on your plate right now. But if you look at what you’ve put on your plate with a discerning eye:

  • is your to do list lining up with your personal prioritities?

  • are there more things to do than there is during your waking hours?

  • is there a possiblity you are setting yourself up for failure by adding too much?

  • have you blocked out any free time to be in the moment?

  • are you afraid of what’ll happen if you cut your list down?

When you approach your day with a personal reset on what your priorities and goals are, and work to take action on what’s important to you in the moment, you’ll find that when your head hits your pillow at the end of the day that you’ve put yourself in a stronger position at the end of the day from the moment you woke up.

You can find strength and personal empowerment in your days if you choose to do more of what you love, more of what fills your cup, and take action in the present moment as much as possible.


If you’e been putting off starting a workout program or routine and saying you’ll start next Monday, or in the fall, or at the start of the New Year than we challenge you to start today.

Just 5 minutes. 5 minutes of action today trumps all the other possibilities listed.

You can only take action today, who knows what lies ahead? All you have ultimate control over is what you choose to do today. We encourage you to choose YOU and get in self care on the most important day of your life: after all, it is called the present because it truly is a gift.

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Maria Sogard

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