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May 10, 20242 min read


Is it time you serve yourself?

Serving yourself is all about putting your oxygen mask first.

Filling your own cup.

Making yourself a priority.

Oh, but it's so hard!

We've been brought up and raised to be caretakers. To feel guilt for taking time out for ourselves.

But how can you be a caretaker if you yourself feel empty and depleted?

It just doesn't add up!

We invite you to let go of the guilt you've been holding onto for making space for yourself. You deserve to take up space in your own day. Your health and wellbeing deserve to be on your to do list. It not only deserves it, it should be a non-negotiable.

While you do have to sometimes make tough choices on how you choose to spend the minutes you have in your day, you should not have to give up your health.

Make that apointment and commitment with yourself that you will do the basics that make you feel your best. Eat well, loving movement, rest, hydration.

When you skip on what makes you feel good ... guess what?!


And if you continue to try and perform at the same level, you'll keep feeling depleted and it can become a vicious cycle of neglect with your own self care.

So today we say, 'serve yourself.' Think through what's going to make you feel your best today and make that a priority.

Maybe you have to shuffle a few things around, or put off one load of laundry until tomorrow (psssst... it an wait!).

Wear your oxygen mask first. Fill your own cup. Own the fact that your health matters and make the choice to take care of you as your biggest priority.

When you do this, the rest will flow more easily from you and you won't feel a tang of resentment that you are giving up so much of yourself to serve others. You'll know in your heart you've served yourself first.

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Maria Sogard

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