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Experience the revolution in online fitness tailored for women.

Our empowering workouts, expert guidance, and convenient scheduling options are designed to fit every body and schedule.

Our focus: building strength, functional fitness, and longevity - Mind, Body, and Spirit.

VFit Studio, more than just workouts...............

We prioritize balanced fitness, meeting you where your body is at.

Our focus: building strength, functional fitness, and longevity - Mind, Body, and Spirit.

As a supportive community, we strengthen you physically and emotionally, making workouts effective and enjoyable.

No diet culture or before-and-after photos here - just a deep belief in YOU, just as you are.

VFit Studio is a movement of women who want to break free from fitness and diet culture, and find their deepest source of strength.

We transcend the gym mentality, rejecting diets and calorie counting for a holistic approach to health.


MORE Tone in Less Time 💪 15-30 Minute Classes

Experience efficient workouts in minimal time with daily LIVE classes led by instructors.

Invest just 15-30 minutes a day, and experience successes you never thought possible.

Say goodbye to wasted time commuting to the gym – your fitness community comes directly to YOU!


VARIETY - 70+ LIVE classes/week 🌈

Unlock your fitness potential with short, engaging classes designed to keep you committed and reaching your goals.

Choose from 10+ options every day of the week, ensuring you never miss out.

Our diverse range of classes guarantees you'll never plateau or burn out.

At VFit, we're your one-stop destination for all things fitness – Strength, Cardio, Yoga, Barre, Dance, Stretch, and HIIT, and more!


EXPERTISE from Professionals.

As experts of health and wellness for women, we form a community that genuinely comprehends your personal needs and goals.

As women navigating similar life challenges, we leverage our combined 100+ years of experience to stand on the front line of your health care team.

Hi, I am Rachele, owner and creator of VFit.

My purpose and passion are clear: to empower women to take charge of their health - mind, body, and spirit.

As we enter our late 30s and beyond, our bodies undergo significant changes.

You might find yourself uncomfortable in your own skin, unsure of who you've become - you’ve lost connection to yourself.

I know there are many women out there feeling stuck and defeated. You are longing for more, but lacking the time, resources, or support to begin.

That's where I want to step in. I understand where you are because I've been there, I am there - a work in progress.

I'm a proud 42-year-old mom of three, navigating life's chaos just like you.

I used to think hours at the gym were the only path to fitness.

But it left me overwhelmed and guilty. So I created VFit over 8 years ago to offer a solution tailored to full lives like ours.

At VFit Studio, we're revolutionizing fitness. - mind, body, and spirit.

No more dull recordings or intimidating gyms.

Instead, we bring you quick, effective workouts led by certified trainers - all LIVE and accessible from anywhere!

Imagine: 30-minute sessions that seamlessly fit into your schedule, no extra time required.

Just find a spot with a yoga mat and join us from wherever you are.

But VFit is more than just a workout platform. It's a supportive sisterhood that understands self-care isn't selfish - it's essential.

Join us and see how prioritizing your health can transform your life.

If you're struggling in any area of your health, you can trust in VFit.

Together, let's make wellness our way of life.

VFit Studio - Think Fitness, Reimagined

Step 1

Begin your FREE 7-day jump start today to enjoy a week of convenience , expertise, and effective fitness classes with the VFit Studio.

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Book your first class. Choose from one of our 70+ weekly classes and join a session from home.

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Join our virtual community of Women just like you, transforming their lives.

What our members love about VFit:

Amanda - School Administrator

"VFit has filled a void in my life, I truly didn't know I had. Support, motivation, health systems that work with my busy life, accountability, and the most functional fitness program I've ever experienced. The trainers are top notch professionals and the results are whole health focused- mind, body, and soul!"

Liz - Retired Executive

"I love the functional fitness classes VFit offers, the amazing and professional trainers, and the amount of classes I can choose from each day.

But why I have stayed so many years is the community. A group of like minded woman who have become my friends, keep me accountable, and are always there for each other."

VFit Studio: Think Beyond The Gym

Memberships begin at $49/month

// We Don't Believe In Diet Culture

// We Don't Body Shame

// We Don't Believe in Before and After Pics

We Simply Believe in YOU!

Women’s Fitness Redefined

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