Don't just take it from me, read below to hear REAL LIFE success stories from our incredible team. These are busy beings just like you from every walk of life, who took the chance to try the VFit Studio and now are living a healthier and happier life. Join our too and create your own STORY OF SUCCESS!

I am so grateful to have learned of VFit Studio from my friend.
As a full time Real Estate Broker and mama of two kids making trips to the gym was hardly happening. The ability to squeeze in 30 minutes with a live instructor has changed my life. I love it!! I don't have to pack snacks, I don't have to drive and wrangle two kids in and out of car seats, I don't have to pay for childcare and I feel great!
Rachele makes my day with awesome challenging and motivating workouts and Shari's Yin yoga completely unwinds me in the the evening.
Incredible trainers and inspiring women (men, kids and pets) too. I love that we all log on and join together from around the country and internationally to motivate each other to be strong and healthy.
I feel so much better, mentally and physically, since starting VFit!
Sammie, VFit Studio Member

Surround yourself with those who






I'm Summer, and I'm currently a stay at home mom with my almost 2 year old. I live in San Jose, CA, with my husband, son, and two crazy dogs, who can often be seen wrestling in the background of classes.

I've always been active. I have two degrees in Kinesiology and have worked as a collegiate strength coach and a personal trainer for a few years, but I've always been better at training other people than I have been at training myself. Since having my son, my body still feels fairly foreign to me, which has been a huge struggle when figuring out how to train it. My friend Aimee mentioned Vfit a couple times before I decided to give it a shot. I figured I would take advantage of the free week, but there was no way I was going to sign up. There are a million workout videos on youtube I can do for free, why would I pay for it? I also have a gym membership. I joined a gym with child care to try to get back into shape for the 100th time, but my son hates being left. I usually end up with a super short and guilt ridden workout.

Once I started the classes, I immediately realized that it's so much different and better than I thought any online training could ever be. I love the accountability of a live instructor and having to sign up for classes. I sign up for the entire week the weekend before, and even if I have to drag myself out of bed or wrestle a flailing toddler, I know I have a class to show up for and work to do. I love not having to go anywhere and that each class is a short but brutal 30 mins. Time flies! The instructors are also always great. I appreciate being encouraged and not feeling bad when I need to do some of the lower impact options. Rachele has so many people to work with, but having her get to know me and notice my hard work and improvements makes it feel very personal. She is such a positive force, and that is so contagious!

I'm on my 8th week, and I don't see myself slowing down any time soon. I'm so excited and grateful to find something that I'm confident I can and will maintain. Finally!

Summer H, VFit Studio Member


I'm Nicole. I am a mom of 3 kids, ages 6, 4 and 10 months so life here is busy! I live in British Columbia, Canada and I am currently on a year long maternity leave from my teaching job.

I had the chance to meet Rachele in Maui when our kids were chasing lizards around the pool. I was so impressed with her passion for her business and curious to see if I could make it work for me, but for some reason I kept coming up with a million "reasons" not to try out the free week.  So glad I finally did!  I have been a member since July and, for the first time in forever, exercise is a regular and rewarding part of my life.

Life with three little kids is busy and in between nap times and school pick ups and drop offs, getting out of the house to exercise just did not happen, but I never could bring myself to put on a video. I love the community and connection with other team members and trainers that Rachele has created. Knowing that someone notices if I am missing makes me feel motivated and accountable, even on those early mornings. I love the variety of classes that Vfit offers. My current favorites are 30 in 30 and the relaxing evening yoga classes....what a perfect way to end a busy day!

I am getting ready to return to full time work in Jannuary and I know that I will be able to make Vfit continue to work with my schedule.   Thank you Rachele for reminding me that I owe it to myself and my family to be the best version of me!

Nicole D, VFit Studio Member


After almost two years of being a foster mama in 2014 and 2015, and putting taking care of myself on the back burner for most of that time, my 2016 new year's resolution has been to take the year to "de-frumpify" myself in all areas. Because of this, I am so glad that Rachele and I crossed paths this year, and that I've found VFit Studio. Before the VFit Studio, I had been paying monthly for a gym membership that literally went unused for years.

It was just too hard with no child care at the gym, and my husband's long hours and unpredictable schedule. I really missed my "me" time! When I signed up for my free week with VFit Studio in late June, 2016, I remember feeling completely destroyed after my first couple of workouts. It had just been so long since I'd been working out regularly.

Every muscle I had (and even some that I didn't know I had!) hurt! But because the workouts are so efficient, and can be done from home (or wherever I am at the time!), it is so easy to fit in a good 30 minute workout! While my son is napping, or before he gets up in the morning. And some days, he even "wooks out" with me. For the first time in years, I'm now working out 5-6 days a week and I can feel that I'm getting stronger all the time!

My increased confidence even inspired me to take on and complete, a Whole30 challenge this summer as well! Overall, I am just so thankful to be back in the groove of getting my almost daily dose of endorphin's, and building muscles and confidence!

April B, VFit Studio Member


I've been a part of the VFIT studio for over 8 months and 7 of those months I've been pregnant. I run a business from home and I couldn't have found a better platform and community to work out with. It's just so damn easy to smash out a 30 minute workout and then get back to work. The trainers are amazing. They actually watch what you're doing and will correct your technique and motivate you to go harder. I used to go to gyms but dragging myself out of the house and actually attending a class was like mission impossible - ain't no body got time for that! Without VFIT I'd have totally given into pregnancy and become a reflection of Jabba the Hutt ,thankfully I've been able to continue my classes and have the trainers give me alternatives to all the moves I may not be able to master with a stomach the size of a watermelon. Oh and did I mention I live in Australia....If you haven't tried the VFIT studio you're missing out.

Ash, VFit Studio Member


After having two kids and changing my career, I found it very difficult to find a fitness routine that I could stick with. Now I’m logging into a class at least 5 days a week! I started the studio in October and I feel amazing! I’m not only thinner but probably the strongest I’ve been in my life. And the best part is I’ve done it all from home!

Lisa B, VFit Studio Member


"I feel like I've told Rachele this 100 times over the past four months of doing VFit, but the platform is amazing. I am humbled by how much it challenges me and am SO impressed by the muscles I keep finding!

As a avid runner, I've always been really good at squeezing in cardio and can usually find time and motivation to bang out a great run... but where I lacked was in strength training.

As a mom of a little one, trying to start my own business, and with very little time to myself, I simply can't spend 90 mins going to/from the gym and taking a class (...and I hate exercise DVDs...)

VFit really is the answer for me - to have live interaction with AMAZING instructors that know me, are glad to see me, expect me to be there, encourage me, push me to the next level, and constantly challenge me.... wow! It really is just what I needed.

I am so extremely thankful that my friend shared it's awesomeness with me! I started VFit in the fall just after finishing my first two sprint triathlons - I thought i was in "such great shape". Yeah... Rachele and her team proved me wrong in the best way!

VFit challenges me every single day, with every single class and I finally feel like I'm well rounded, have a strong heart AND muscles!"

Casie D., VFit Studio Member


For me, the best part of working out is the community.  I am not one of those people who likes long runs or hikes by myself.  Nope.  I need people – to distract me, cheer me or push me.  And that’s what I’ve found with VFit Studio.  Great people.  I started out doing personal training sessions twice a week with Rachele and loved her energy and attitude about fitness.  When she launched VFit, I was excited to try it out.  I was still working with a trainer at my gym, but over time I realized that by adding VFit classes to my personal training sessions with Rachele, I was getting a better workout, at a better price and from the convenience of my own home.  So I’ve said goodbye to the trainer at my gym, but I still have my people – all of the VFit trainers – cheering me on and pushing me forward on my fitness journey.

- Linda S, VFit Member


I'm Megan, and I've been doing VFit for almost a year now! I found out about it from a college friend, and was initially skeptical about the difference between Vfit and any old YouTube or online workout,...BUT I immediately started getting addicted to the accountability, efficiency, and interaction with the excellent instructors.

Plus I love that there are so many class choices. I can always mentally and physically push myself for 30 minutes, even when I am exhausted.

I'm thankful to be able to be at home with our three children, twin boys aged 5 and a daughter aged 2. I have always been an exerciser and a runner, but after having 3 kids in 3 years, it was really challenging to find any time for myself.

As the boys got bigger, pushing them in the jogging stroller was not good for me anymore. To complicate matters, after having twins and then one more, my abdominal muscles had a huge separation that took months of physical therapy to repair, just to get back to the point where I could exercise normally again.

I was getting more and more out of shape. I was getting to the gym once a week, running occasionally, and trying to sneak in other videos, but it wasn't working well with the rest of my life. And it was too easy to make excuses!

Now with VFit, I can sneak in 1 or 2 classes almost EVERY day, sometimes with my kids climbing on me, playing in the backyard, or after they go to bed. I love not having to leave my house to get a quality workout! I also really appreciate the supportive community of other busy women and the super encouraging instructors. I'm really glad to be a part of the Vfit team and look forward to continuing to improve my fitness. "

Megan R., VFit Studio Member


To me the VFit Studio means family, support, motivation, encouragement, inspiration, convenience, fun, challenges, the BEST trainers, and RESULTS! I am so happy to share this experience with my daughter, Stephanie Anne, who got me hooked on this wonderful program. I have loved watching Rachele grow the program as effectively as she has managed to do! In spite of making it look easy, there is obviously a lot of hard work and progressive thinking that has gone into this platform. The incorporation of the challenges, the active Face Book groups and new classes continues to keep it fresh and motivating. Finally, I love the kids and pets who work out with their parents — they keep it real!

Leslie O, VFit Studio Member


I am loving VFit Studio! I've been a regular since spring of 2016. I prefer to work out in the mornings. My husband works at 6am at the local golf course in the summertime and we have a 3 year old son, so my am workout sessions were limited at the gym.

I used to teach Willpower and spinning (taught willpower until I was 6 months pregnant) and I also used to coach skiing and swimming (also until 6 months pregnant) but now I have a desk job and am feeling the effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

 VFit Studio gets me up and out of bed, even when I don't feel like it. I love the trainers and the social interaction I get from the classes. I love seeing other vfitters around town and connecting over our online workouts.

 I've done Beacbody 21 day fix but got tired of the 7 workouts. I love the variety of VFit and am never bored or knowing what is next.

 The evening yoga sessions are a great addition as are the taped recordings for the odd minute when I can squeeze in some movement.

Lindsay B, VFit Studio Member


I feel like I found VFit at the perfect time! We moved to rural Maine from Malaysia about a year ago. In Malaysia I felt like there were always convenient exercise options that were also social, so I didn't have a problem making time for it. In transitioning to Maine, I wasn't sure how I was going to exercise regularly. I didn't have the motivation to head to the gym (20 minutes away), to do a YouTube workout, or to go running by myself.

I couldn't find anything that was 'sticking'. Then I hurt my knee on a hike (darn those fall leaves!) and was out of commission for a few months. When I was just feeling like I could start normal exercise again, my college friend Meghan Lamb Bair sent out an email about a free week, which I was intrigued by. I started slowly and mostly low impact and can now do most of the high intensity moves.I love the different options of times and classes, and can usually make at least one class a day (although my favorites are the early morning East Coast classes!). I feel great and I love that I don't have to leave the house to exercise.

Emily E, VFit Studio Member


Hi, my name is Amanda Agee and my husband, Brian, and I live in a small (think 5 blocks by 5 blocks) community, outside of Salinas in Monterey County. We have two busy, fun, creative, and adorable kiddos.

I work full time from home as an Administrator for Ocean Grove Charter School. We are a public charter school where all of our students are homeschooled by their parents. I oversee and train 22 Education Specialists (teachers), which works out to also overseeing about 450 - 500 students!

I found VFit thanks to an accidental Facebook post by my dear friend, Jessica, who is a current VFit member. She thought she was posting to the Members Only VFit page and actually posted on her regular page. Many of us were intrigued, asked questions, got answers, and here I am!

To be completely honest, I don't enjoy exercise. I never have been successful at going to a gym, walking on a regular basis, working out at home, staying accountable with a group of friends, but VFit has completely changed that for me.I just told a friend today "I look forward to working out each day!"  I have never said that before VFit and that is huge! VFit includes all of the things I have liked about group exercise and combines it into one: being with people, accountability, brief but affective sessions, friendly, understanding, and convenient. I love knowing that I have signed up for a class and someone is expecting me, but not having to rush out the door, drop off kids, or carve out over an hour to get it done. I have super early risers, so getting my workout done and out of the way by 7:00am most mornings has been a huge part of why I have found VFit to be the right choice for me. 30 minutes is another huge bonus. It is hard to rationalize why I don't have 30 minutes to devote to me. In those 30 minutes I am dripping in sweat, need to shower, and feel 10 times better than before the class started. The variety is also great. I get bored easily and being able to mix up the type of classes I take has been wonderful. Tabata and 30 in 30 are two of my favorites! I truly feel that finding VFit has changed my life and will continue to do so.

My kids are seeing me as an active mom for the first time ever and it shows. They cheer me on, join in with me, and like to share that Mommy exercises most mornings. This alone is enough to keep me going and helps me push through those days or weeks that might be harder than others to get to class and stay accountable.

To Rachele, Steph, Leslie, and Shari...thank you for all that you do for me, and for the entire VFit community!

Amanda A, VFit Studio Member


Working out for me has always been a big challenge. I am a single parent and a full time teacher. I have always been active but, as you can imagine, I had always had a hard time making a workout routine stick. After a full day of working, it would seem insurmountable to get a sitter, get to a class, and then come home and be mom and house manager.

When Rachele first launched VFit, I was really eager to try it out. Not only do I love Rachele's positive and enthusiastic energy, I felt like the platform could a be a really successful one for me. It was a doable time frame, doable in my living room and had an added bonus of friendly accountability. Seemed like a total win!

I loved it from the get-go! Fun and challenging classes, a great online community, and I was actually getting regular exercise in for first time ever.

For the first several months I was a 2-3 classes a week person and that was working for me. But I also found that only a few classes made it really easy to have big exercise gaps if I missed a class or two in a row.

So, this summer I decided to give myself a challenge of stepping up how many classes I took per week. My goal was to take a class a day. I don't always make it every day, but I am averaging 4-6 classes per week and I feel amazing.

Not only have I noticed that I am gaining visible muscle (woo hoo!), I noticed that I feel markedly better when I exercise daily. School starts tomorrow for me, and I know it will be challenging to keep up with my goal, but i am committed to making it happen. I have discovered that I like exercising in the afternoons more than the wee hours before school. But I am prepared to do both to make it happen. I am also going to probably have a class or two a week I do in my own classroom after school. (That should make for a fun background, Rachele!)

I love VFit and recommend it to all my friends! It really is an awesome exercise platform and a wonderful fitness community.

Brianna L, VFit Studio Member


One day at my daughters kindergarten class, I was chatting with a fellow mom about exercise and when/how we find time to do it.

She mentioned Vfit and sent me the info for a free week pass the following week.

I tried the free week, loved it and eventually joined.

I've always been an exerciser and even taught classes myself a couple years ago, so exercise is REALLY important to me.

Vfit classes provides so many formats and high quality, challenging workouts for every fitness level.

I'm discovering new formats I enjoy and returning to old favorites.

It's convenient in accessibility and timing, thirty minutes and done.

I have three small children so this is key for me. There are no gimmicks and the focus is not on losing weight fast. It's a community of strong women getting stronger and healthier by taking small steps every day! We know it's about the long view.

I just love it! I tell my husband all the time how happy it makes me.

I squated and planked my way through the holidays this year like never before, which I know kept my stress level down and kept me feeling strong and grounded while reaching for my pumpkin pie.

Honestly, I can't say enough good things about this format. In 2017, I'm looking forward to continuing to regain more of my pre baby strength and increasing my balance.

I'm coming for you, mountain climbers and push-ups.

Beth B., VFit Studio Member


Hello, name is Cathy and I am a VFit Studio addict!

My husband (who now joins me for some classes, but shhh) and I live in a quiet little rural town in California's Eastern Sierra range. Now that our two sons are adults, I have found my second career and passion as a Metalsmith and Jeweler, which means I spend many hours working in my home.

Rachele and I worked together in an office job and quickly became friends. In fact, we both decided and encouraged each other to leave our office jobs to pursue other interests. When Rachele launched VFit Studio, it was natural that I would hop right in to support my friend. I quickly found that this platform was incredible and exactly what I needed in my life! Rachele’s enthusiasm, dedication to fitness and the team of inspiring trainers she brought on board are just a few of the things that make this platform so special.

Living and working 15 miles from the closest gym, I began to workout less often. I was beginning to feel fitness decline and was not happy about it, but the travel to the gym was just so much of a disruption to my workflow and creativity that I wasn't motivated to do it. I have always been active and continued going for walks and hikes, but I needed more to stay fit.

As the saying goes at the VFit Studio, “you are just one workout away from a good mood”. It’s the truth. I start each day with a 7am workout. Recently I've stepped up my workouts and added an afternoon class as, well as evening yoga. Some days I'm taking 3 classes, but still able to be productive because I don't need to leave the house and travel to a gym. I have increased my fitness to a level I didn't think possible at my age and I'm motivated to keep going!! I can't say enough good things about this format!

The format is exactly what I needed to get my fitness level back. Rachele offers 30 minute classes throughout the day, so you can almost always make it to at least one class. The online classes are live and ALL of the trainers are really awesome. EVERY class is fun, effective and the trainers are all so encouraging and inspiring. They provide modifications for different fitness levels.

The variety of class’s means there is something for everyone. There are cardio workouts, sculpting workouts, barre, Piyo, yoga and so much more. It’s incredible that I can get an incredibly effective workout in 30 minutes, and get right back to work.

I can’t recommend VFit Studio enough for anyone who needs to add more fitness into their life without sacrificing extra time. You won’t regret joining this team!

Cathy E, VFit Studio Member


Hi, my name is Misa and I am lucky enough to be home with my two girls, 4 years old and 2 years old. I am so thankful to my friend who introduced me to Vfit Studio just over a year ago. I tried the free week, just to see what Vfit was all about. I had no intention of joining since I already had a gym membership and LOVED my classes!

I soon realized I could keep my gym membership and work out once a week (if I was lucky). OR workout from home 5 days a week with VFit and all my besties. For me, it was a no brainer!

I have always been an active person, but since having kids I was having a hard time finding the time to work out. Vfit was the perfect solution for me! My workouts are done in 30 minutes, I don’t have to leave my house and I get work out with my girls. They love working out with me and are currently working on perfecting their burpees.

Misa P, VFit Studio Member


My name is Kristen and I am U.S. Diplomat currently posted in Cairo, Egypt with my husband and our 16 month-old daughter (and fellow VFitter) Vivian.

I had a fairly traumatic pregnancy and delivery last year which left me with several permanent physical injuries and a raging case of postpartum depression. I spent the first few months of Vivian's life at home in both physical and mental pain while trying to figure out how I was going to get back in shape AND take care of her.

I found VFit over the summer while we were between assignments in the States. I was hanging out with my good friend, Kathy Kurinsky (hey girl!) and talking about my health and how hard it had been to find a fitness routine that worked for me overseas.

I was dying for some way to get active again to help both my body and my mind. She told me about this amazing new platform she was using and how much she loved the instructors and the classes.

Lucky for me there was a free week that month so I signed up and took a few classes. I loved that I could work out from home, with my daughter in her crib or playpen, and that I didn’t need to buy a bunch of DVDs or equipment.

We moved to Egypt at the end of the summer and having VFit has been a lifesaver. I can workout from my house (or my office!) and with so many great formats I’m never bored. I’m feeling stronger and healthier and finally like I’m on the right path to get fit again.

Kristen, VFit Studio Member


I am Colleen, and my husband and I have 2 kids. I was competitively active in sports my entire life, until "life" caught up with me and my kids and career took center stage. Over time my weekly exercise had gradually decreased to a minimum.

Once I had my kids they became my top priority, and since I was already having horrible “mom-guilt” about sending them to daycare all week, there was NO WAY that I was going to miss a second of time with them at home to make time to go to the gym or a soccer game.

Since I am in outside sales I spend a ton of time in the car driving to customer meetings etc.  It isn’t out of the ordinary for me to spend 4 – 5 hours in the car a day.

I work a lot of time in the evenings after the kids go to bed, so working out at night wasn’t an option either.  I was completely sedentary since all of my time was spent sitting in the car or on a computer.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was unhappy, and wasn’t giving anything back to myself.  I kept hoping for exercise to find its way into my life someday but I wasn’t sure how to make it happen.

I couldn’t imagine how I would squeeze even 30 minutes into my day. but gave my free VFit Studio week a try. They stress that making time for yourself will make me a happier and better mom and that really hit home for me.

I was immediately hooked!  The classes were just what I needed – short and effective ways to get in some healthy exercise back into my life.

I love that I don’t have to go anywhere, and that I can stop working a few minutes before a class and jump right into it.

The team mentality is infectious and having to be accountable for showing up to class has really helped me to stick with the schedule I set for myself.

Another unexpected benefit is that ALL of the coaches have such a positive and infectious outlook into OVERALL health – just physical exercise, but mental well-being, eating healthy, and positive energy.

You literally cannot leave the Vfit studio without having a smile on your face.

My family has been so supportive with helping me gain some me time back into my life – now my husband usually picks up the kids in the afternoon, and often times starts making dinner so that I can get in a class or two.

The kids love to watch me or participate in classes which are a lot of fun.  I love hearing them talk about my “exercise class” and sometimes my 4 year old will even call me out if he notices I wasn’t doing a class when he gets home for the day.  They run around the house yelling “warrior three, and high knees” and we have races in the front yard now for fun.

I am  so much stronger than I was only a few short months ago, and I can’t wait to continue on this path.  Rachele, Steph, Shari, and Leslie thank you for all that you have given to me, my family, and the entire Vfit team!

Colleen M, VFit Studio Member


I met Rachele when she was teaching the baby boot camp class (even though my youngest baby is 32!). I would attend her class with my daughter-in-law, Jackie Powell.

I remember the first class I took where I couldn't even jog around the gym without huffing and puffing. The altitude really got to me (we live in Delaware at sea level), but I enjoyed Rachele's classes every time we visited.

I got involved with VFit in May 2016 when I purchased a punch pass....I had taken a free week earlier. My husband and I were members of the Delaware "Y", so I planned to use VFit when we traveled to our NY home.

I took several VFit classes and loved them, and also joined the 30 day challenge back in June. I loved the commitment of doing one exercise per day for a minute. I actually ended up winning a 3 month pass, and I began using it regularly at home in Delaware, and when we traveled.

Quickly, my "Y" classes took a back seat when I realized the convenience of VFit. I loved VFit more and more and saw the many benefits.

1. No travel time

2. I am much less likely to skip a class when I don't have to get dressed and go out of my house(I actually did a VFit class in my pajamas once).

3. VFit goes everywhere there is I have exercised in hotels, in a lodge in Alaska, in Kenya ( I worked on my planks there), and in friends homes.

4. The instructors are so encouraging, they always give variations for all skill levels so YOU CAN'T HELP BUT SUCCEED!

5.They are more than instructors...they are friends, and you KNOW they care about you as an individual. I ended up dropping my "Y" membership and now I am strictly a VFit member.

I love VFit and have seen my strength, balance, and endurance increase. If you haven't tried VFit, you are missing a great opportunity to succeed in making exercise a lifestyle.

Awesome exercise platform and a wonderful fitness community.

Sharon P, VFit Studio Member


I had a baby in the summer of 2015 and quickly became good friends with a number of other local moms. We had lots of discussions about "fitting it all in" - not just exercise, but really anything and everything. We all shared tips to make everyday life with a newborn easier.

One of the moms posted on her FB page that the VFit Studio was having a free trial week and I thought "can't hurt to try". It worked!!

I stopped feeling guilty about being out of the house to work out, or going to a local yoga studio and keeping my phone on next to me in case the baby woke up and needed to nurse. When I started with VFit it was a really great way for me to slowly start to get my normalcy back. The flexibility meant I could jump out of class if the baby woke up, or use her as a weight

My baby is now 16 (almost 17!) months now and I'm still hooked on the platform. I've gotten used to my new normal, and VFit has become such a solid part of it. Never in my life have I kept up a consistent fitness routine for this long.

I would have bursts of great workouts and then get distracted or start to make excuses. But now I don't have any excuses. I've always been a planner and I've learned I'm a morning work out person (never would have thought that), so checking my VFit app and signing up for classes in advance has become part of my routine and has made it possible for me to organize most of my days to start with a workout.

And, for the first time EVER my husband (a marathon runner, triathlete, etc) is saying that I'm inspiring him to workout. This summer we were away for a month with no wifi and I still managed to put together my own workouts from what the VFit trainers have taught me (and even lead a couple workouts for my husband). I NEVER would have done that before. Honestly, I would look at vacation as a great excuse to be lazy and not do anything. Because of VFit I'm in the best shape of my life!

I think it's easy to see that this program is great for parents who want to maximize their time at home (my daughter now jumps and does squats on my yoga mat), but it's also for anyone that struggles to find the time to get their workouts in. I've recommended it to so many from every walk of life because it works so well for everyone!

And the best thing is the community. The trainers live all over, but they are genuinely excited to see us, they push us to come back to classes, to get stronger and just keep going. This is what keeps me motivated. Thank you!

Lindsey S, VFit Studio Member

" When I first started the Vfit Studio, the greatest part was the convenience of working out from home. I didn't have to worry about what to do with my one year old son while I was at the gym.

With owning my own business, my schedule was already chaotic and it was so easy to fit in a 30 minute class. After getting pregnant again the benefits became so much more.

Unlike a video, there are live instructors to offer modifications that have kept me working out through my entire pregnancy.

It's like having a personal trainer.

I also love that I had a selection of different styles of classes, from mellow Yin yoga when I was feeling sick the first trimester, to cardio to strength classes as I was feeling stronger later on.

But I've learned that my favorite part of Vfit Studio is the team, or more so the family that you become a part of when you join.

The motivation that comes from watching the other members grow stronger and hearing their stories of how being #vfitstrong has impacted their lives is not something you can get at any gym."

Stephanie Anne, Client


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Rachele’s approach to fitness and health is truly inspiring and well balanced. I’ve always been mindful of nutrition and exercise, but the level of passion and care that she brings to both brings them together in a way that has elevated my own personal journey to peak health. Her fitness classes are varied, true butt kickers, and a blast. She knows when to push you harder, eek out another rep, correct your form, make you laugh. A former devout pre-baby crossfitter, I’ve been impressed by how intense and rewarding her Baby Boot Camp classes are, along with many online body-weight HIIT workouts she’s shared on Facebook I do from home. Nutrition wise, it’s also great to share the same paleo philosophies and get new food ideas out of her stream on a near-daily basis. What a welcome addition to my life to have met Rachele and had her help re-inspire me each day to be healthier and a better mom and wife to my family by focusing on health.

Maria Sogard, CEO,

I love VFit Studio because it just doesn’t get any easier, affordable or effective! I have been trying gyms, diets, and exercise routines over the years and couldn’t really stick with anything. As a 50ish woman, I had pretty much given up on trying anything new. But now Rachele, and her awesome trainers have totally turned it around.

I love the ease of setting up a mat, weights and a glass of water and boom, ready to roll. No driving into town or getting fancy for the gym. The format of 1/2 hour classes make it possible for me to work my way up from semi-couch potato to active and soon-to-be fit grandma. There’s plenty of variety and it’s live! You are there with others and the trainer is pumping you up with positive reinforcement, a variety of levels for the moves and advice on correct form. I really love it!

Lori Lee, Client

I began working out with Rachele when she launched her online training in 2013, and I love it! I have never stuck with any fitness routine. I lacked the motivation to leave the house early in the AM, especially in the winter. I was very bored with my elliptical, and knew I really needed to develop a workout program. Rachele is motivational and inspiring! I look forward to working out with her via Skype, she is there with a smile. I can’t believe I look forward to anything at 6:30 am, but I enjoy our workouts. Rachele’s focus on proper form, complete body strength and health have made a big impact on me. I have incrementally developed strength and stamina! I also have made better choices with food, and am inspired to shop and cook healthier meals. I am over 50, and the have raised a beautiful family. Working out with Rachele is my treat to myself!

Lisa, Retail Sales

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