For the VFitter looking to up-level her output, motivation and FUN with fitness.


VFit has partnered with My Zone to bring a higher level of community, accountability, motivation and monthly challenges.

Welcome to "ZONE" heart rate tracking.

Maria My Zone

"I would not have taken nearly the number of workouts the last several months without trying to get my My zone MEP count number UP. and I workout more intensely to get into a higher color zone. I am getting stronger and more flexible. i noticed this at end of Oct."

"I don’t have to tell this crowd how lucky we are to be a part of this VFit community. How could it get any better? That’s what I thought. But Rachel and team brought it with MyZone! This simple wristband upped my game - by giving me instant feedback on my effort.

That pushes me more than I ever imagined.

And as we also know, the fun is also in the community. We have monthly challenges with the other “zoners” to motivate even more. But it’s also about balance… and I challenge myself to stay in the gray, during yin. You will not be sorry to join us with your own MyZone!"

"I have definitely worked out more each month since getting mine in July. I use it when I workout in live or on demand classes and also when I go for walks with the dog daily. It helps me to see that my colors are in line with others during live classes."

" I can’t find my Myzone 😭
Please say a prayer that it finds it’s way back to me! I can’t bear this life full of missed MEPS!" (update - her my zone was found!)

"The MyZone reinforces the functionally fit, healthy lifestyle that VFit Studio is all about. Since I started using it, I’m motivated to push myself whether I’m in a VFit class or if I’ve been couped up in the house all day it encourages me to get outside or be active while taking care of my house or kids."

"I Love it!! I actually got mine as a gift from my bestie Liz Cardone!! I love how I can track were I am DURING my workouts and how it most definitely PUSHES me to get to the next zone!!! Its also to see where I am with the rest of the Rock stars!!!🙌🏻💪🏻It’s super fun!!"

"MyZone definitely is a great addition to my workouts. I’ve always been fairly consistent with my workouts, but sometimes I was “phoning it in…” This was a game changer for me!"

" Definitely a game changer. I absolutely adore MyZone. I try to do orange theory a few times and when I do, I don’t even bother with OTF’s heart rate monitoring equipment. My zone is sooooo much better."

Why "My Zone" With VFit.......


Bye Bye Distraction


Say bye bye to all the distractions lurking around your house that are pulling you away from focusing on your workout.

With the live dashboard, you will see in real time your level of output and trust us - you won't want to lose focus


Join other VFitters in REAL time, sharing your "zone" tiles through our exclusive app.

With My Zone "live", you are able to connect your stats LIVE during your VFit classes and view other VFitter's zones in real time.

Since your heart rate is based on your own metrics, it evens the paying field for all and gives you real time feedback on where your effort zones are at, compared to others in the same class.

A fabulous tool to help you push a little harder when needed, and when to hold back and recover. This fits in perfectly with our FUNctional approach to fitness.


Monthly Challenges

Each month you are invited to a different challenge with your fellow My Zone teammates.

From sharing fitness quotes, sweaty selfies, gunning for the most mep's, to sharing our workouts outside of VFit - the monthly challenges are motivating, build connection and keep you conistent!


Personal Goal Setting and Real Time Feedback


Your VFit Trainers are able to see your stats both during and after your classes.

This will help us help you to stay motivated, make sure you are giving the quality your workouts deserve and help you continue to grow healthier, inside and out.


It's FUN to geek out


If you know us at VFit, we really aren't big on tracking much besides how many time you SHOW UP!


Not calories, not pounds or inches.


BUT after the last 16 months we have all been through we are personally in need of a little extra boost and know many of you are as well.


ZONE training is safe, it's effective and it measures stats that actually matter to your health and well being. 


** This technology is to be worn only during your workouts and has the highest level of accuracy. It does sync with your apple watches and many other devices, but you will need to wear your My Zone monitor during your workouts.


So no, we haven't gone crazy or shifted our purpose at VFit. We firmly believe the value of this technology, grouped with the ability to connect our team even more is going to be a game changer for many.

See your VFit Team in Action...........

Welcome to ZONE Heart Rate Training.

With the My Zone technology, your monitor will build 5 different zones for you to track your training in.

Are you able to push to your max?

Can you recover in optimal time?

Are you able to stay in the right zone for each workout or activity you take on?

This is a GAME CHANGER for fitness and will work seamlessly with our approach to FUNctional fitness and community.

Look for fun team challenges to come for those who add in this component to their fitness routine.

The world's first interchangeable heart rate monitor for the gym, outdoors or in water. Track your heart rate on your chest, arm or wrist.


Wear it your way for comfort and convenience


Built-in memory and up to six months' battery life


Dual-sensor technology with ECG and PPG tracking

Rachele the owner of VFit Studio - Online Fitness Training



New Hampshire

Work from home mom, who wears a million hats, rarely has a second to relax and is often seen rocking VFit classes from her kitchen. Maria is proof that if you have the will and drive, VFit will show you the way.


 Bay Area, CA

A former athlete turned corporate working mom of 2. Colleen didn't even think she had 30 minutes in her days for herself, but thank's to the VFit Studio, Colleen is in the best shape of her life.


Sierra Nevada

Rockstar grandma, mom, and overall human! Lori is Visual Impairment Teacher that has raised her family, helped everyone around her and is ready to put her health as a priority once and for all.