Give Yourself the Gift of Showing Up

No Matter What Life Throws Your Way

If you are ready to commit yourself to 15-30 minutes a day, our passionate team will personally guide you through VFit's 21 Day FUNctional Fitness Fuel Up Program with our proven approach.

15 Spots are Available - Program Begins Monday, February 14th, 2022

Let the VFit team help you sweat, smile, and shine ...

Your 21 Day Pass Begins Monday, February 14th, 2022. The "FUEL UP" Program Includes:

// 21 days UNLIMITED VFit classes. You can join any of 65+ LIVE VFit classes per week.

We’ll have your back literally no matter the season of life. We have every variety and intensity of class that your body and mind will fall in love with.

We will give you your money back if you don't find a new format of exercise that you enjoy by the end of the 21 days.

Cardio, Strength, Mobility, Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Stretching, Mindfulness and more.

// Your very own personal ACCOUNTABILITY Coach who will help guide and support you through the 21 day journey.

Once you sign up, we will team you up with your Accountability Coach to get your program started.

Each week, you will work directly and personally with a VFit Trainer to help you select your classes, guide you through our proven programs and keep you accountable with consistently showing up for your health and well being.

// 21 days to refuel your spark for health and well being by implementing our award winning FUNctional Fitness Plan in your real life.

If you are willing commit to 15-30 minutes a day to show up for your health and well being over the 21 day program AND weekly check in's with your Accountability Coach, we guarantee a positive shift in your fitness level.

A priceless investment that can change the course of your life.

// 24/7 support from our motivating, supportive, REAL and down right FUN COMMUNITY.

You will be cheered on by 12 VFit Studio trainers and your VFit teammates walking this journey with you as you Fuel Up and turn your Struggle Switch off for good!

We put a fresh spin on fitness unlike anything you have ever experienced. We are the masters of EFFECTIVE fitness, delivered LIVE to YOU.

YES you can be drenched in sweat, booty burning, smiling ear to ear....


Completely stretched and  zen - in only 30 minutes - we promise!

Let us show you just how effective our 15-30 minute classes can be and how they put a positive impact on the remaining 23.5 hours of your day.

Focusing on your fitness doensn't need to be some sort of punishment or New Year's resolution, choose to workout and celebrate all your body can do today!

You are ready to make a step to improve that quality of your life

It’s time to take a new approach in 2022 with your fitness and health.

Meet the VFit 21 Day Functional Fuel Up program

If you are expecting more out of yourself, but not investing in your own health, you'll be trying to pour out of an empty cup.

Fuel up your mind, body, and spirit and bring back some of that self care mojo with this special 21 day fuel up.

This is the most important time to invest in you and your health.

✨ Build up your immunity through workouts.

✨ Ease stress and anxiety by tuning in to your mind, body, and spirit with our live yoga series of classes.

✨ Connect with a positive group of people that are there to support you LIVE through each class and through our active online Facebook community.

Let this be the year when you changed your relationship with fit forever.

Space is limited to 15 participants, secure your spot today, program begins in:



Remaining Spots
Claim Yours TODAY!

At VFit, we are a community who believe in you as you are right now. 


✨ We believe in training the whole self - mind, body and soul.


✨ We help each other grow into the best versions of ourselves.


✨ We celebrate your small wins, big wins, milestones, birthdays and everything in between.


✨ We reach out a hand when you stumble, or when life throws you curveballs.


//We don't believe in diet culture


//We don't body shame


//We don't believe in before and after pictures




FUN fit pic

Take part in our #fitnessfuelup to make a positive impact on your own personal health.

Community is KEY. 

When you don't have any like minded people doing this WITH you, it’s harder to stay committed when life throws you curveballs.

We are quick to let ourselves off the hook, but we won’t let our teammates down.  If there's no community, there's no follow through.

You are a high performer and have planned workouts weeks in advance, but kids get sick, your work meeting runs late, something comes up to derail your efforts all the time… VFit welcomes it all with open arms!

Meet Your VFit Trainer Team

"Shari is so creative with her flows.  I never know what we'll get.  It's always fun, playful, and hard." - Ellen, CA

"Rachele is energetic, knowledgeable, motivational, encouraging, bright, creative, dynamic and sincere in your love for each of us." - Jan E.

"Maria strikes a good balance between leading and coming closer to check what people are doing.  VFit classes move fast and have a variety of skill levels and abilities.  It is good to check on the participants." Blair, NM

"I absolutely love Lindsay M.  She is so sweet and such a good teacher! I love her ability to teach yoga but also cardio dance and everything in between." - Mary, CA

"Love Janelle's energy, smile, and the way she's always watching us and gives us positive encouragement." - Linda, CA

"Bridget consistently delivers a fantastic workout.  She is always willing to hear requests and does her best to deliver." - Molly, WI  

"Love Steff's energy!  Her classes are so fun and upbeat!" - Gladys, WA

"Christine brings a smile to all her workouts and makes me feel welcome." - Evelyn, CA

"I love Leslie's classes.  She is strong and always give a good workout.  She always gives a new twist on an exercise that challenges a different muscle or different area of a muscle." - Sharon, DE

"Ceci is amazing! She brings positive energy, smiles, and fun to every class.  It is a privilege to have her teach cardio dance at VFit, she's an incredible dancer." - Vireo, CA

"Love Lindsay B's energy, her authenticity, and her laughter.  She always leads a dynamic workout that is fun and sweaty." - Amanda, CA

"Lauren's energy is contagious.  Her classes are upbeat, she's always happy to be teaching and knowledgeable about the other topics she handles.  So happy to have her on the trainer team." - Chrissy, CA

We are more fired up than ever to empower the world that self care is not selfish, it is critical care.

You can not pass the power that you hold over your own health and well being to anyone else.

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that self care is critical care –

and it takes WORK to maintain.


FUEL UP with our 21 Day FUNctional Fitness Fuel up and you'll have the support you need to find a consistent workout routine that you look forward to getting to do each day.

Your Accountability Coach will team up with you to find what formats bring back that spark!

Your personal coach will guide you with our award winning system for class selection, VFit's FUNctional Fitness Plan, which is unlike any other approach you've ever taken on your fitness.

Bring the excitement of daily celebrations into your life with your daily check ins with our live classes.

Limited Space is Available for this special Fuel Up Program

** Your 21 Day UNLIMITED Class pass is active 2/14 - 3/6/22.

** PASS MUST BE ACTIVATED BY 2/14/2022 - We've got your back, you can do this from anywhere and with the craziest of schedules **