Meet Your Virtual Fitness Studio & Workout Together from Anywhere

Since 2015, VFit Studio virtual fitness studio has been a staple of stability, structure, sanity, sweat, smiles and shine for our community - no matter what was going on in our lives.

We are pioneers in the online fitness space, and your one stop Virtual Fitness Studio, for everything your mind and body crave.

VFit Studio’s live and interactive 30 minute workout classes are weather-proof, kid-proof, pandemic-proof and supply chain-proof.

Our unique approach to fitness works with your jam packed life, not against it.

No expensive equipment or apparel required.

With VFit Studio you simply need: a yoga mat worth of space, an internet connection, and the drive to keep showing up.

Let us show you just how effective our FUNctional approach to fitness is with our virtual fitness studio.

15 - 30 minute workout LIVE classes that will put a positive impact on the remaining 23.5 hours of your day.

VFit Studio’s virtual fitness studio jam-packed schedule offers 70 choices of interactive, LIVE 30 minute workout classes every week (as well as some 15 minute express classes) - including HIIT, Strength, Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Stretching, Recovery and many VFit Studio exclusive formats you won't find anywhere else.


“More than the workouts, I feel like VFit is family.

I feel like I have a huge group of friends in VFit. Through the classes and various challenges and programs, the team has shared their struggles and victories and supported each other.

That community keeps me coming back."

-Linda S

VFit has filled a void in my life I truly didn't know I had. I look forward to comparing my calendar each week to the VFit class schedule and signing up for what works.”

-Amanda A

“Lindsay B is a ray of light and such a solid trainer.  When I take her classes I’m impressed with her creativity, professionalism, and enthusiasm, and I’ve gotten a great workout.”

-Stacy C

"I can't say enough of how amazing this program is and love being part our the family. Once again being such a gym rat I never thought I would do anything else. And here we are 2 years later!! Love all the trainers and truly consider all of you friends!! Keep doing what you do too!!

-Ami P.

“I really appreciate Maria’s bits of knowledge throughout the classes. 

I love knowing what’s happening with my body and muscles when I am doing a movement.  I also like to know what I should be feeling and where.”

-Ashley D

"I made lots of excuses about why I didn't want to go to a gym...and honestly VFit has been an incredible fitness regime for me because I am a morning person and I don't have to leave my house to do an incredible workout first thing after I wake up!”

-Mary N

"Ceci is awesome, always! I love how she shares accommodations for everyone, at all levels. Thank you for the wonderful energy and mood boost."

- Valerie M

"Lauren is always positive, encouraging, with a huge motivating smile to greet me with each morning."

-Kim B.

"You can see and feel the love that each trainer at VFit has for leading classes. Their encouraging affirmations and authentic joy are contagious."

- Linda A

"I love that I can be accountable with a virtual experience and community. This is the perfect fit for this season of my life."

- Wendy

"Rachele is super upbeat, I love that she knows each of us by name and something special about us. It helps keep me accountable and reminds me that my presence matters."


"I always enjoy Shari. She has a great way of teaching and brings her magic touch to every class."


What I love about VFit Studio? There are the obvious benefits:
- amazing amount of functional fitness classes throughout the day. Do you like Zumba? How about Barre? Maybe Yoga? The list goes on.
- An incredible team of professional instructors, that care about each and every member.

But as I was thinking of my why, I also realize it’s about community. A group of like-minded woman that have become my friends, that keep me accountable, and who are always there for each other!

"6:30 am workout for the win!  I am on a winning streak!  VFit Studio allows me to workout at home with live trainers & accountability partners!  I don’t have to drive to the gym or deal with the weather.  Wake up, get dressed and log into zoom!  Join me!"

- Sarah Z

"I quickly found that this platform was incredible and exactly what I needed in my life! Rachele’s enthusiasm, dedication to fitness and the team of inspiring trainers she brought on board are just a few of the things that make this platform so special.

Living and working 15 miles from the closest gym, I began to workout less often. I was beginning to feel my fitness decline and was not happy about it, but the trip to the gym was just so much of a disruption to my workflow and creativity that I wasn't motivated to do it.

As the saying goes at the VFit Studio, “you are just one workout away from a good mood”.

It’s the truth. I start each day with a 7 am workout. Recently I've stepped up my workouts and added an afternoon class as well as evening yoga. Some days I'm taking 3 classes, but still able to be productive because I don't need to leave the house and travel to a gym.

I have increased my fitness to a level I didn't think possible at my age and I'm motivated to keep going!! I can't say enough good things about this format!"

- Cathy E

VFit Studio's Virtual Fitness Studio Has 12 Instructors, Many of Which Are Regularly Featured In:


"For someone who doesn't proclaim to love or even like exercise I have hung in with VFit for 3 years now!  That just goes to show how good you guys are!"

"Lauren always gives me a great workout.  She explains all the moves (even with modification choices) and I leave sweaty and smiling!"

"I love taking Ceci's classes! She's always smiling and making her classes fun and functional for us. I especially love taking her Cardio Dance class ... it pumps me up for the day!"

"Biggest surprise about Vfit= is the community connection.  So thankful for this vibrant, supportive community."

"Fantastic class! Well organized and great cues.  I love that Lindsay took the time to give personal shoutouts to each person in class throughout our workout together recognizing each persons' efforts."