VFit Studio - Online Fitness Revolutionized



At VFit Studio we take a fresh approach to online fitness.

We've mastered the ultimate personal experience - LIVE to wherever your life is happening.

Let us show you just how effective at home fitness can be with the VFit team.

Our live trainers personally cheer you on, keep you accountable,  and give you the extra nudge you may need some days.

You see us, and yes, we also see you!

Which means we keep you safe, accountable and having fun - all while getting into the best shape of your life.

There's no other fitness platform like VFit out there and we invite you to experience this new dimension of fitness.

VFIT Fits Your Life

To transform your body + get in the best shape of your life - put your trust in the VFit way of fitness and health.

30 minutes at a time.

Which is good news for somebody as busy as you.

With the VFit Studio, we bring the LIVE fitness studio experience directly into your home.  

Finally, a platform that works with your busy life, not against it.


VFIT Is Functional Fitness

The key to getting in the best shape of your life and staying there is variety.

The VFit Studio is one gym pass to rule them all.

More diverse than all of your fitness club memberships combined.

Strength. Cardio. Mobility. Flexibility.

We’ve got you covered with access to over 80 live classes per week.

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VFIT Is More Tone In Less Time

30-minute workouts that will transform the other 23.5 hours of your day.

VFit is the masters of effective fitness.

Gone are the days of living at the gym to get results.

Our trainers are the best out there at crafting the most efficient fitness workouts around.

Sculpt your body. Feel good in your own skin.

Get into the best shape of your life. From anywhere in the world, including your living room.

With our combined 85+ years between 12 trainers, you’re in good hands.

Certified extensively by accredited companies, we’re all experienced, insured, and in the BEST shape of our lives.

It’s simple. Our platform works and we want to share the magic with you.


VFIT Is Community

Anyone can do an on-demand workout from home.

The question is, how sweaty do you really get and how accountable are you when your motivation is still in bed?

At the VFit Studio, we have a personal approach to online fitness. 

Our trainers are actively watching YOU take your live class. 

You'll hear her call out your name several times as she cheers you on, or helps give a modification for a move if you need it.

Our team of members and trainers are with you all the way.

This is the real deal fitness community you’ve been craving.



Step 1

Get Your Free Pass & Pick A Class

At VFit Studio, we firmly believe you should try our platform before you commit to anything. We give everyone a FREE week trial, no credit card needed or string attached. 

With 100+ classes a week and counting, there’s always a class that’ll fit into your life. View our schedule and secure your spot in the classes you want for the upcoming week.

Download the VFit Studio App at the Apple Store or Google Play to help manage your class registrations & to get reminders so you never miss a class.

Class registration closes 8 hours prior to class time, so get your calendar out and get booking!

Step 2

Show Up To Class and Experience The Magic Of VFit Studio

Booking your class is a breeze. But showing up? That’s a whole different ball game.

We’ve all been there. Sitting in our activewear, a little nervous before class starts, wondering if we can bail because no one likes being the new person.

But this is what you came here to do.

VFit Studio is a team full of support from the second you show up. You will be greeted with a warm hello and guided face to face through an amazing workout.

Show up. Work out. Get results.

We got your back. You’ll be emailed an exclusive link to join your registered class before class begins.

This is your pass to join our LIVE team.

Simply click the link and you will be transported to a VFit Studio, LIVE class - complete with a world-class trainer and teammates across the world.


Step 3

Welcome To The Best Shape Of Your Life

There’s no denying it, our team members are in the BEST shape of their lives and it's simple - our platform works.

With workouts that make 30 minutes fly by while transforming the other 23.5 hours in your day, you’ll question why you ever worked out any other way.

Feel supported. One push up at a time. One squat at a time. One mountain climber at a time. Our team is with you all the way.

Monthly memberships start at $59/month for UNLIMITED VFit Studio Classes. But you can Start your FREE week trial to experience it today.




New Hampshire

Work from home mom, who wears a million hats, rarely has a second to relax and is often seen rocking VFit classes from her kitchen. Maria is proof that if you have the will and drive, VFit will show you the way.


 Bay Area, CA

A former athlete turned corporate working mom of 2. Colleen didn't even think she had 30 minutes in her days for herself, but thank's to the VFit Studio, Colleen is in the best shape of her life.


Sierra Nevada

Rockstar grandma, mom, and overall human! Lori is Visual Impairment Teacher that has raised her family, helped everyone around her and is ready to put her health as a priority once and for all.