VFit Studio - Online Fitness Revolutionized

For the driven woman who is ready to get consistent with fitness in 30 minutes or less a day, without needing to leave the house.

We invite you to experience our effective, FUNctional, convenient and personal approach to fitness - your first week is on us.

Accountability, Community, Convienience and Expertise 

//The stress of getting to and from a gym.

//The brain power it takes to try and craft the ideal fitness routine.

//Finding a friend with the same schedule that can join you……. the list goes on.


The overwhelming weight of finding a fitness program that works for your  life, not against it, has taken all the fun out of being fit.


Accountability is key, but extra time is sparse.


On-demand programs become boring, lack authenticity and don’t come with a coach that actually knows you and how to craft the solution to fit your real life.

"Shari is so creative with her flows.  I never know what we'll get.  It's always fun, playful, and hard." - Ellen, CA

"Rachele is energetic, knowledgeable, motivational, encouraging, bright, creative, dynamic and sincere in your love for each of us." - Jan E.

"Maria strikes a good balance between leading and coming closer to check what people are doing.  VFit classes move fast and have a variety of skill levels and abilities.  It is good to check on the participants." Blair, NM

"I absolutely love Lindsay M.  She is so sweet and such a good teacher! I love her ability to teach yoga but also cardio dance and everything in between." - Mary, CA

"Love Janelle's energy, smile, and the way she's always watching us and gives us positive encouragement." - Linda, CA

"Bridget consistently delivers a fantastic workout.  She is always willing to hear requests and does her best to deliver." - Molly, WI  

"Love Steff's energy!  Her classes are so fun and upbeat!" - Gladys, WA

"Christine brings a smile to all her workouts and makes me feel welcome." - Evelyn, CA

"I love Leslie's classes.  She is strong and always give a good workout.  She always gives a new twist on an exercise that challenges a different muscle or different area of a muscle." - Sharon, DE

"Ceci is amazing! She brings positive energy, smiles, and fun to every class.  It is a privilege to have her teach cardio dance at VFit, she's an incredible dancer." - Vireo, CA

"Love Lindsay B's energy, her authenticity, and her laughter.  She always leads a dynamic workout that is fun and sweaty." - Amanda, CA

"Lauren's energy is contagious.  Her classes are upbeat, she's always happy to be teaching and knowledgeable about the other topics she handles.  So happy to have her on the trainer team." - Chrissy, CA


VFit opened our doors in 2015,  pre-pandemic and are the pioneers in online, LIVE fitness.

We know you have the desire to maximize your workout potential, but have minimal amount of time.

Kids, career, schedule changes, travel, living far from a gym, not having the desire to step into a gym to get a workout - these have been obstacles as well for our Trainers and we can relate to YOU!

You can trust your health partnership with the proven professionals at VFit when it comes to effective fitness in 30 minutes or less.

VFit Studio has 12 world class trainers delivering livestreamed classes over 70 times a week - check out this jam packed schedule.

We have crafted a unique and one of a kind FUNctional Fitness Plan that has proven to change the lives for our members and elevates their well being - body and mind. 

Maria - Challenge My Zone Coach


You value accountability and know it makes the world of difference with your health, so on-demands are a no go for you - boring!

Not to add no one is actually watching you to keep you safe.

With VFit, workout alongside a group of women sharing a similar journey as you, all there to uplift, ignite and cheer each other on.

VFit Studio has a highly active online community where members connect beyond the livestreamed classes.

So much positivity and light is shared amongst our members who truly want the best for one another, in and outside of VFit classes.

Coach Lauren


Spending hours a day to get to/from the gym and workout is just not a reality in this season of life.

The commute, finding child care, getting caught late at work, a sick kiddo at home.

There always seems to be more reasons why you can’t make it, than times you actually show up.

VFit can change that barrier for you. You now can turn your own living room/home office/hotel room/back deck/ closet into a world class fitness experience.

Complete with a trainer who is real, gets to know YOU and delivers the most effective workout in 15-30 minutes flat.

No fluff, just fun, function and one heck of a support system to cheer you on.

VFit Studio - personalized online fitness


Lauren Ferrara's 10 Min Full Body Cardio
Maria Sogard's Resistance Band Ab Workout
Maria Sogard's Tabata Workout for Beginners
Shari Belmarez's Functional Training


Step 1

Get Your Free Pass & Pick A Class

At VFit Studio, we firmly believe you should have the opportunity to test drive our community platform before you commit to anything.

We offer everyone a COMPLIMENTARY week trial - no credit card needed or string attached.  Start your FREE week trial today to experience the heart of VFit - our community.

With 80+ LIVE classes a week and counting, there’s always a class that’ll fit into your life. 

Download the VFit Studio App at the Apple Store or Google Play to help manage your class registrations & to get reminders so you never miss a class.

Step 2

Show Up To Class and Experience The Magic Of VFit Studio

Booking your class is a breeze. But showing up? That’s a whole different ball game.

But this is what you came here to do.

You will be greeted with a warm hello and guided face to face through an amazing workout.

Show up. Work out. Get results.

You’ll be emailed an exclusive link to join your registered class before class begins.

This is your pass to join our LIVE team.

Simply click the link and you will be transported to a VFit Studio, LIVE class - complete with a world-class trainer and teammates across the world.


Step 3

Welcome To The Best Shape Of Your Life

There’s no denying it, our team members are in the BEST shape of their lives and having FUN along the journey.

Workouts that make 30 minutes fly by, while transforming the other 23.5 hours in your day, you’ll question why you ever worked out any other way.

Feel supported. One push up at a time. One squat at a time. One mountain climber at a time. Our team is with you all the way.

Monthly memberships start at $69/month for UNLIMITED VFit Studio Classes.

Start your FREE week trial today to experience the heart of VFit - our community.




New Hampshire

Work from home mom, who wears a million hats, rarely has a second to relax and is often seen rocking VFit classes from her kitchen. Maria is proof that if you have the will and drive, VFit will show you the way.


 Bay Area, CA

A former athlete turned corporate working mom of 2. Colleen didn't even think she had 30 minutes in her days for herself, but thank's to the VFit Studio, Colleen is in the best shape of her life.


Sierra Nevada

Rockstar grandma, mom, and overall human! Lori is Visual Impairment Teacher that has raised her family, helped everyone around her and is ready to put her health as a priority once and for all.