YANGO - "Let's Celebrate" is Happening - July 1-21st, 2022

A 21 Day One-of-a-Kind Fitness Experience - VFit Style

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"Those who stop celebrating their wins, will eventually stop having them."

Very proud of myself!

With just coming into the postpartum phase and trying to find the motivation to get back into my workout routine and continue healing my body, mind, and spirit, Yango forced me to make time to workout in the brief spans of time I currently get during quick baby naps, or even working out holding baby sometimes. - Michelle K

Thanks to all of my fellow yango peeps for the motivation this month.

Thanks to all of my fellow yango peeps for the motivation this month. This challenge kept me going through some personal challenges I had this month and has inspired me to keep focused on my goals.

  • Jen F

It feels great to finish this commitment I made to myself!

I did my final workout by walking with my family in the mountains today. This is the first time since my 2 year old was born that I've consistently worked out.

  • Mychael J

Yango Complete!

I love the daily challenge to think outside of the live classes that you do all the time.....to get outside, to do exercise at a different time, to stretch more than you normally do. Fun....I think I'm a lifetime Yangoer  - Sharon P

This experience helped me mentally (in a huge way!) and physically.

I used to be much more fit and flexible until a year ago when I gave up on taking care of myself because of pressures at work. Those pressures are still there everyday, but finding VFit, with the excellent trainers, classes, encouragement and expertise has helped me to reset my mindset. I’m moving forward and making goals, and plans and Vfit will be my anchor and foundation through that process. Yango complete! - Barbara A

Here at VFit we can think of no better way to start the second half of 2022, than to have some fun and challenge ourselves to 21 consectutive days of health and wellness.

Who is ready to CELEBRATE a "win" each day from July 1-21st?

Let's focus on our quality of life and the habits that shape us.

Maria S

Your Entry to YANGO Includes:

✨ 21 days of UNLIMITED LIVE, online VFit classes and 24/7 access to our on-demand library. (Your pass will be valid from 7/1/22-7/21/22).

✨ 1 entry to Yango, which includes a playing card to download and print.

✨ Access to our private Facebook group, where we will be posting daily check ins and keeping you accountable.

✨ 21 days of direct support from the VFit Trainers and all the other rockstars across the country Yangoing along with you!

Coach Lindsay

Secure Your Spot, Yango Begins In


Join us as we celebrate and empower ourselves to impact positive change in our wellbeing - one day and YANGO square at a time

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How YANGO Works

  • Each participant will be given a playing card with 21 squares.
  • Each square will have a daily fitness challenge for you to complete that will range from 5-30 minutes.
  • Each day, YOU will choose which challenge you are going to cross off the card. Everyone will have 1 free space, but use it wisely.
  • You'll be using all of the tools VFit has created for our members and beyond. LIVE classes, on-demands, create your own workouts, our monthly challenges and more!!
  • At the end of the challenge, each person who has competed their card and has marked off all 21 squares will be entered to win fun prizes. ONE person will win a FREE MONTH Membership to VFit (a $99 value).
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“Those who stop celebrating their wins, will eventually stop having them.”

A core value we hold tight to at VFit and keep growing stronger in,  is to celebrate as often as we can.

There is nothing too small to celebrate.

And we have found that one celebration leads into another and another and soon you can't stop showing up for your health and wellness.

YANGO is designed to help give you that daily, personal check in and confidence boost that you've got control over your health and wellbeing.

It doesn't need to look like intense workouts every day to be effective. 

What YANGO does, is help you find daily wins and daily ways to improve the quality of your life with a variety of different approaches. All in a fun 21 day challenge and team atmosphere.

Each and every day you'll be celebrating YOU and your daily effort at making your health and wellbeing a priority.

When's the last time you celebrating YOU? 

"Self care is not selfish, it is critical care"

Getting in something JUST FOR YOU each day is the goal of YANGO and this our only round we're hosting this year. 

This is our most festive YANGO board yet!

21 days of wellness challenges meant to help you spread your wellness wings and take flight as we round out the second half of 2022.

The time is NOW to arm yourself with 21 days of certainty, 21 days of sweat, smiles, shine, and the most supportive team around.

The greatest wealth is health

If you aren't shouting YANGO yet, get used to using this oh so fun word and join us for the next round of Yango, starting July 1st, 2022.

You have to trust me, don't have FOMO (fear of missing out)! Yango is SO fun, it gets you pumped to workout, it has you trying new things, getting outside your comfort zone and it is totally VFit style in every way.

Secure your spot TODAY (space is limited to the first 100 to sign up).

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