YANGO - A 21 Day One of a Kind Fitness Experience - VFit Style

Arm 2021 with 21 days of UNLIMITED VFit Classes + entry into the most fun fitness challenge around - YANGO

YANGO is back from February 1st - 21st.

The time is NOW to arm yourself with 21 days of certainty, 21 days of sweat, smiles, shine and the most supportive team around.

We know you feel burnt out, over-whelmed and some days it feels impossible to get the upper hand on your health and well being.

Prioritizing your health and well being MUST be non-negotiable now more than ever.


Yango is full of daily challenges that you'll be able to complete from ANY and EVERYWHERE - in just 5-30 minutes a day.

This round of Yango is the perfect time to REBOOT yourself, ensuring your health and commitment to fitness stay a priority year round.

As challenging as 2021 is already proving to be, this is an opportunity to come out stronger, healthier and more in tune with what matters most in life - your health and well being.

Thank you for another great 21 days!

I love Yango because it reminds me of all the simple ways I can add exercise into my day and it helps break my routine.

  • Bridget

Thanks to all of my fellow yango peeps for the motivation this month.

Thanks to all of my fellow yango peeps for the motivation this month. This challenge kept me going through some personal challenges I had this month and has inspired me to keep focused on my goals.

  • Jen F

It feels great to finish this commitment I made to myself!

I did my final workout by walking with my family in the mountains today. This is the first time since my 2 year old was born that I've consistently worked out.

  • Mychael J

If you aren't shouting YANGO yet, get used to using this oh so fun word and join us for the next round of Yango, starting Feb. 1st, 2021

You have to trust me, don't have FOMO (fear of missing out)! Yango is SO fun, it gets you pumped to workout, it has you trying new things, getting outside your comfort zone and it is totally VFit style in every way.

Secure your spot TODAY (space is limited to the first 100 to sign up).

Your Entry to YANGO Includes

// 21 days of UNLIMITED LIVE, online classes and 24/7  access to our on-demand library. (Your pass will be valid from 2/1/21-2/21/21).

// 1 entry to Yango, which includes a playing card to download and print.

// Access to our private Facebook group, where we will be posting daily check ins and keeping you accountable.

// 21 days of direct support from the VFit Trainers and all the other rockstars across the country VFitting along with you!


yango pic

YANGO is  THE most successful challenge we have ever crafted. EVER!! We do only run this challenge 4 times a year, so secure your spot today!

This fun, interactive challenge is a chance for everyone to get inspired and bring fresh life into their fitness routines.

And unlike most fitness challenges, where you are told EXACTLY what to do each day, this is a choose your own adventure game!

We call it VFit YANGO! A cross between Yahtzee and Bingo.

How YANGO Works

//Each participant will be given a playing card with 21 squares.

//Each square will have a daily fitness challenge for you to complete that will range from 5-30 minutes.

//Each day, YOU will choose which challenge you are going to cross off the card. Everyone will have 1 free space, but use it wisely.

// You will be using all of the tools VFit has created for our members and beyond. LIVE classes, on-demands, create your own workouts, our monthly challenges and more!!

At the end of the challenge, each person who has competed their card and has marked off all 21 squares will be entered to win fun prizes. ONE person will win a FREE MONTH Membership to VFit (a $99 value).

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