If you are wondering what in the world this Virtual Fitness Studio, known as the "VFit Studio" is about and why it may be the perfect fit for your busy life, then read on my friends! Here are the top 7 reasons why Virtual Training works and why you should join the VFit Team!


IT IS SIMPLE! After you register for your class/classes, you are emailed a class reminder and link the night before to join the class. You simply click on the link provided and like magic you transported into a LIVE fitness class. No fancy workout clothes necessary, no makeup needed, no extra commute time. All you need is a yoga mat worth of space, weights if you have them (for some classes) and an internet connection. Simply turn on your device, log in and you are set to get sweating in a LIVE workout!


YOU CAN JOIN IN FROM ANYWHERE! VFit Team members are from around the world. They enjoy this style of training so much – they even continue on their work trips and vacations. As long as you have an  internet connection, you can get moving. Your VFit Studio membership can fill in as a supplement to your current routine - using our classes to fill in when you are traveling or simply can't make it to the gym – or if you are looking for a routine all together - it doesn’t get much more simple and effective than this.  

Live online training workout instructor
Willpower moves to do for home training with a live team

IT IS EFFICIENT! Your time is valuable, and as a busy working mom I get that. With virtual training, not an extra minute of your time is wasted in traffic, walking through a parking lot to get to the gym, waiting in line for machines, or in the locker room trying to remember your locker code. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice valuable time away from your family or furry pets. Kids, dogs, cats, husbands and more are joining in these classes and loving them as well.


YOU WILL NEVER GET BORED! Since this is "LIVE" fitness, the workouts will always be varied, balanced and fun. There are a variety of classes to choose from each week and the classes are designed to accommodate all fitness levels. Each workout is personally designed by me and our VFit Instructor team to include variety and balance. Videos and internet workouts are great for some, but after a while you may find yourself bored or knowing exactly what is coming next. This can lead to a lack of motivation and ultimately a lack of wanting to work out all together. Variety is the spice of life. With loads of classes  on our schedule, I can almost guarantee you will never get bored.


ACCOUNTABILITY BUILT IN -  Accountability is the key to finding success with any health goal you may have. Having a set schedule that you make each week builds in accountability and lets your workouts fit into your busy schedule. It is a great way to show yourself that YOU ARE WORTH IT. At the VFit Studio, we are all passionate about health and there to cheer you on in the safest most effective way possible. We are truly a team and you feel that in each class.  You will be given tools to use outside of the classes to stay on track and motivated.  You will reserve your classes each week making your health an important priority in your life. You can try new classes each week, or stick to the times and classes you know and love. Classes will be filled with other rock-stars throughout the country with the same goals as you.


WORKING WITH A PROFESSIONAL IS A GOOD IDEA! In this crazy internet world, there are millions of people sharing their workouts and tips to get fit without knowing your personal body and safe progressions. All instructors at VFit Studio are  experienced, licensed and insured. I have hand picked my team to offer you the best of the best! We know that what works for one body might not be what your body needs. We are all built with different strengths and weakness’s and just like a single way of eating is not meant for everyone, the same goes with our workouts.

POP Pilates online fitness class at the VFit Studio
Come join the Barre class at the VFit Studio



IT WORKS! Clients continue with this online fitness platform month after month because this platformworks! Our members are feeling and looking better than they ever thought possible. Our members LOVE their workouts, feel challenged in a safe environment and find this is actually working inbtheir busy lives. Members become friends and look forward to working out together. We celebrate the journey together.  Members are calling these classes addicting and can’t get enough. 

Now that you know more about the VFit Studio, about Virtual Training and your ready to sign up, I invite you to . I can’t wait to see you!!