#VFITSTRONGER - A Year in the Making

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We're celebrating the past 12 months and invite you to join us with a complimentary 12 day #VFISTRONGER Pass which includes:

// Access to special daily events throughout the celebration (workshops, lunch and learns, happy hours, nutrition, coffee talks, bonus classes, dance parties, and more - all of this on top of our already loaded LIVE class schedule)

// A commemorative VFit gift if you complete 12 classes in 12 days

// 12 days of UNLIMITED access to our VFit community, daily inspo messages, personal check ins' and more.

VFit Studio - At Home Fitness -Mission Statement

Click here to load your #VFITSTRONGER 12 Day Celebration Pass

We know what you are thinking.... Who are these crazy people who want to CELEBRATE what happened over the last 12 months??

At VFit, we love to celebrate. Trust us, when you look for the reasons to celebrate in life, even through some of the toughest seasons, the quality of your life will improve.

We celebrate as often as we can at VFit - From birthdays to every holiday under the sun, to welcoming back members after surgery, helping members navigate tragedy, celebrating comebacks, to those taking their first VFit class with us.

As we all close out a 12 month chapter in our collective history, we choose to look back at the 12 last months and give ourselves fist pumps!

We choose NOT to look back on the last 12 months as "something we got over and barely survived." Nope.  Not around here.


Our VFit community is looking back at the past year knowing we are stronger, more resilient and coming out of this chapter better people from the inside and out.

Whether your personal health and wellbeing was a top priority the last 12 months, or maybe your health was a seasonal sport this last year, or perhaps you are just getting back into it today - This one year anniversary of COVID is worth taking a pause, stepping back, and recognizing all that you did accomplish the past 12 months under conditions you never had experienced before in your lifetime.

Let's celebrate for 12 days together and move onto the next chapter together.


Let's continue to build that habit of self care, one SO STRONG, that it becomes unshakeable through any season of life.


Let's keep moving forward and celebrate 12 days together with #VFITSTRONGER.

Load your #VFITSTRONGER Pass today and take part in any of our livestream wellness classes now through 4/2/21.

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I can't tell you how much it has lifted my spirits every day to get to see your smiling faces on the other side of the screen! - Trainer Leslie

Over the last week I've seen lots of posts from members telling us how much VFit Studio has helped them over the past crazy year of COVID. It's so great to hear this feedback!

But did you know that YOU, our members, also saved US over the last year?

Last March and April, as everything was shutting down and the world seemed like such a scary and uncertain place, the classes we taught became our beacon in the darkness, the only time every day where we could block everything out and focus on our community and health. Especially as we opened the studio to all and increased our classes.

I can't tell you how much it has lifted my spirits every day to get to see your smiling faces on the other side of the screen!

It's much less scary now, but even as things are getting back to "normal," what would we do without our VFit classes to let us know what day it is??

All of this is to say that, reading your posts about the past year, please know that for everything we poured into YOU, you poured back into US tenfold. So, from the bottom of my (our) heart, THANK YOU!!

Words seem so insignificant to sum up what this VFit community has meant to me since day 1 back in 2015, but more so than ever over this past year.

When COVID hit back in March, 2020 the earth seems like it was ripped from under us all.
Fear, anxiety, uncertainty, sadness - the emotions were real and they were raw.
As everything felt like it was being stripped away from us, the beacon of stability I had day in and day out was the VFit community.
As much as our team is always thanking the trainers and giving praise on what we bring to their lives, I hope every member of VFit knows the impact of the stability, sanity, sweat, smiles and shine that you all wrap me in daily.
Knowing VFit was something that no matter what was changing, would be an unshakeable foundation in my life became the bright light everyday, so that I wouldn't give up hope and could continue to pour into my family and community.
We show up for ourselves so that we can shine brighter for others who need us, and without VFit my light surely would have ran out this last year.
So as simple as it sounds, thank you all for being there for me through some of the toughest times this last year and for keeping my soul lit.
In Health,
Rachele Jaegers, VFit Owner

1 year ago I clicked the link for the vfit strong pass. I didn't even know what it was all about but I signed up and booked my first class!

On the 16th of March I took Tabata Time with Rachele and I was HOOKED! That night I found out my work was being shut down and I would be put on standby.

Since I didn't have to work anymore I signed up for Zumba for the next day!

Here I am a year later and 1000+ classes taken! I am stronger and happier! I have made so many new friends and just love this community so much! I took Met Mash up for the first time this morning! I feel like I'm HOOKED all over again!!

Tomorrow it will be one year since I have stepped foot into a gym. For a gym rat since she was 20 (gonna be 40 in June ?) this is a huge deal for

However, VFit changed the way I work out in so many ways. I have been able to stay as fit (if not healthier) with this incredible studio, instructors, and community.

I always wanted to incorporate more yoga and meditation into my work outs but because of timing was not able to do that. No longer an issue with the schedule VFit has to offer.

For the past year I have done more yoga than i have ever done in my life. This past year has been trying for all, but the positivity this studio emulates can never be replaced.

VFit Studio - Sweat Smile Shine 2021

Last year VFit was my rock, my bright light, my consistency and what I looked forward to everyday when there was so much uncertainty.


I knew that every time I logged in, I would be greeted with a smile, a warm welcome, and friendly faces. VFit filled our empty days with positivity, hope and support.
During that time, thanks to Rachele, I took a leap of faith and quit my job and started a new journey. I wouldn't have done that without you all. You're a safe place; a place to grow stronger, inside and out. I felt at home.
And now, on the other side of the screen, I feel your energy, I see your smiles, your kids, and your workout spaces. What a blessing it is to show up and move everyday with friends across the country. To celebrate what we can do. Every time you choose to login, we notice you. We get excited to see you.
We hope that you walk away feeling better than when you started, because I know I do. Each class brings something different, but it always brings a smile.
We ALL make this a community. Thank you for showing up and cheering us on too. We wouldn't be here without you. We are all VFITSTRONGER together." - Trainer Lauren

Click here to load your #VFITSTRONGER 12 Day Celebration Pass

Welcome to #VFITSTRONGER....


12 days of VFit celebrations to celebrate and honor all that we've overcome over the last 12 months.


#VFITSTRONG has always been a top motto at VFit.



When COVID hit in March 2020, the world seemed to slam it breaks in a split second and all of our lives were turned upside down and inside out.

At VFit we saw this as a sign we were being called to serve in a significant way.

During those beginning hours in mid-March, the VFit team rose up from our own disrupted lives and launched our #VFITSTRONG mission - doubling our class schedule overnight, bringing in new elective classes, expanding our trainer team, and opening our online studio doors to ALL, FREE for an entire month.

We had the expertise, we had the infrastructure in place, and most importantly we had the hearts to help as many as we could during some of the darkest of days.

Our community represents more than just a group who workout together.

#VFITSTRONG is a way of life.

It's how you show up in this world as the best version of yourself.

When you are taking care of your own mental and physical well being, you'll lead your life helping others and will be leaving a positive footprint in this world.

You deserve to celebrate your 100% record of making it through the last year.  Through the highs, the lows, the fear, the unknown, the lessons, the victories.

  • Experience a truly personal approach to fitness
  • Absolutely no credit card needed for the 12 day pass, nothing to cancel at end of the weekend, or hidden fees.
  • Functional fitness classes: cardio, strength, mobility/balance, and stretching recovery.
  • Save time: 30 minute live classes, no commute or wasted time.  With an EXPRESS series of classes clocking in at just 15 minutes start to finish.

VFit Studio is Online Fitness, Personalized

At VFit Studio, we take a fresh approach to online fitness.

Real people.  Real classes.  From home.

We've mastered the ultimate personal experience and have led over 15K live classes since we opened our online doors in 2015.

At VFit Studio, your trainer comes directly to you!

The VFit Team is here to personally cheer you on, keep you accountable, and give you that extra nudge you need some days.

We invite you to experience this new dimension of fitness with this complimentary weekend to explore our studio.

Real Life Motivation and Accountability From A Supportive Tribe