Sweat, Smile + Shine With Us No Matter What Life Throws Your Way

VFit Stronger Together 2022


Come SWEAT, SMILE and SHINE brighter with our 7 Day Fitness Challenge - our gift on behalf of a VFitter who cares very much about YOU!


At VFit, we are on a crusade to share the power of positive self-care.


We have empowered our members to share ONE friends and family pass with someone they care deeply about for our upcoming #VFITSTRONGER TOGETHER Challenge - from 3/21-3/27/22 


If you are reading this, that is YOU!


We can't wait to meet you in class and spend the week springing forward into a new season STRONGER TOGETHER!


We have designed a FUNctional Fitness Challenge for you join, based on our proven success plan with fitness.


If you complete the challenge with your VFit teammate (minimum of 4 workouts in the week), you both will be entered to win a FREE month of VFit ($149 value) and other great prizes.


Each team who completes the challenge will be mailed a special commemorative gift to celebrate the achievement you earned together.


We are the masters of effective fitness and are here to show the world that self care is not selfish, it's critical care.


When you are armed with the VFit team and system, your health can be a priority - NO MATTER WHAT!

“I really appreciate Maria’s bits of knowledge throughout the classes.  I love knowing what’s happening with my body and muscles when I am doing a movement.  I also like to know what I should be feeling and where.”

-Ashley D

“Lindsay B is a ray of light and such a solid trainer.  When I take her classes I’m impressed with her creativity, professionalism, and enthusiasm, and I’ve gotten a great workout.”

-Stacy C

VFit has filled a void in my life I truly didn't know I had. I look forward to comparing my calendar each week to the VFit class schedule and signing up for what works.”

-Amanda A

“More than the workouts, I feel like VFit is family.

I have a huge group of friends in VFit. Through the classes and various challenges and programs, the team has shared their struggles and victories and supported each other. That community keeps me coming back."

-Linda S

"I also made lots of excuses about why I didn't want to go to a gym...and honestly VFit has been an incredible fitness regime for me because I am a morning person and I don't have to leave my house to do an incredible workout first thing after I wake up!”

-Mary N

Since 2015, VFit has been a staple of stability, structure, sanity, sweat, smiles and shine for our community - no matter what was going on in our lives.

VFit Studio’s interactive fitness classes are weather-proof, kid-proof, and supply chain-proof.

No expensive equipment or apparel required.

With VFit you simply need: a yoga mat worth of space, an internet connection and the drive to keep showing up.

Let us show you just how effective our exclusive approach to fitness is.

15-30 minute LIVE classes that will put a positive impact on the remaining 23.5 hours of your day.

Your class pass grants you complimentary, unlimited access to our livestreamed group fitness classes from 3/21-3/27/22.

There's absolutely no credit card needed, not a string attached.  That's not our style.

How to Get Started with VFit Studio

Step 1

Load Your Complimentary Pass & Pick A Class to Begin With

At VFit Studio, we firmly believe you should have the opportunity to test drive our community platform before you commit to anything.

We offer everyone a COMPLIMENTARY week trial - no credit card needed or string attached.

Start your FREE week trial today to experience the heart of VFit - our community.

With 70+ LIVE classes a week and counting, there’s always a class that’ll fit into your life.

Download the VFit Studio App at the Apple Store or Google Play to help manage your class registrations & to get reminders so you never miss a class.

Step 2

Show Up To Class and Experience The Magic Of VFit Studio

You will be emailed a class link within an hour of class time. Hit "join class" and you are in!

You will be greeted with a warm hello and guided face to face through an amazing workout.

Show up. Work out. Get results.

Simply click the link and you will be transported to a VFit Studio, LIVE class - complete with a world-class trainer and teammates across the world.


Step 3

Welcome To The Best Shape Of Your Life -No Matter What!

There’s no denying it, our team members are in the BEST shape of their lives and having FUN along the journey.

Workouts that make 30 minutes fly by, while transforming the other 23.5 hours in your day, you’ll question why you ever worked out any other way.

Feel supported. One push up at a time. One squat at a time. One mountain climber at a time.

Our team is with you all the way.

Monthly memberships start at $99/month for UNLIMITED VFit Studio Classes.

Start your FREE week trial today to experience the heart of VFit - our community.


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