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Its December 31st,11:30pm (or lets be real, 8:30pm if you have young kids) and a new year is about to ring in. Every year you set yourself the SAME resolution that you are going to get FIT and without fail, each year you find yourself back at square one come the end of the year.

It’s not that you didn’t want it or try really DAMN HARD at certain times throughout the year. You want that feeling of fit and being strong more than anything. When you are FIT, you are happier, more confident and everything just seems to be better all around!

The problem is that that you have a life and that life has more demands than you can keep up with. And when the going gets tough (or busy) and working out becomes more stress than it’s worth to fit in, you just let it go. After all, there will soon be a new year soon to get back on the fitness treadmill of getting in shape over and over and over again.

But NOT this year. This YEAR END is different and you are wearing the most genuine smile on your face, fist pumping yourself for sticking to your workout plan through this final stretch of the year. Right now, December 31st, you are THRIVING and you don’t need to set that resolution to get in shape! Nope, you took care of that one, ONCE AND FOR ALL and boy does it feel AMAZING!

You didn’t have to give up any holiday gatherings, kids pageants, hitting the malls to cross off your gift list. In the past, getting to/from your favorite gym class took at least 2 hours and who has time for that, especially the final stretches of the year! This year you never had to lug your kids around to the gym, fight the rush hour traffic or miss a workout because someone in your family was sick.

YOU feel like you hit the lotto, because you found your SOLUTION and never have to make another new year’s resolution to "get in shape again". You are now part of the VFit Studio team!A platform that saves you two of your most valuable assets - TIME & MONEY! 

With the VFit Studio there are NO commutes, red lights, waiting for a class to begin, packing your kids up, checking them into kids club. No more "gym guilt" for that nice gym you donate to monthly, but never seem to step foot into! Finally a platform that works and works amazingly!

The VFit Studio is here to get you in the best shape of your life, no extra time needed - from anywhere you have an internet connection!

We bring your favorite fitness classes to YOU, along with a ton of accountability, a LIVE Trainer and workouts that are so effective, we’ll knock your socks off. All packed into 30 minute classes! We have over 40 classes a week to fit everyone’s busy life. Have a look at or on our free and exclusive App (look up VFit Studio).

If you are ready to show the end of 2016 who is boss and not have to start a new year with the same ol resolutions, then you don’t want to miss out on our end of the year, 2 Month Unlimited Class PASS. I guarantee come Dec. 31st you will wish you started TODAY! Your pass is valid for a FULL 2 MONTHS, which begins with the first class you attend.

We just released a limited number of these passes for only $110. You can secure yours at . Your 2 months begin with the first class you book and will carry you on into 2017 with a platform that finally works in your world. Thiat is just $1.80 per day! An incredible deal for the chance to elevate your health to a place you didn't think was possible at this time in your life!

We are growing by the day. Members are hooked on our classes, working out more than ever, feeling the best they have in ages and dropping gym memberships left and right!

The reality is that this time of the year gets CRAZY! We all need motivation and accountability more than ever, so don't deny yourself that being part of a team is where it's at.

Set yourself up to succeed and not fall victim to hiding behind baggy sweaters and leggings because you are feeling FRUMPY! When you work out, your feel good about yourself and that is priceless!

The VFit Studio platform is proving day after day, that if you show up - IT WORKS. I can't get you dressed and turn on your device, but i promise if you show up, we'll show you a sweaty good time and exercise that is so effective, you really only need 30 minutes of your day (2% if you are really into numbers).

If you are ready to maximize your time, get in the best shape of your life, be part of an incredible team, and arm yourself with accountability that you know you need - all without sacrificing the one thing you don't have enough of - TIME - come join our team and get your 2 month pass at


You are just 2 quick steps away from beginning your 2 Month UNLIMITED PASS with the VFit Studio team -

Our platform is safe, effective, FUN and unlike anything you have ever experienced! To get started:

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2. Start booking your classes. Once your  PASS has been purchased and loaded, you are ready to book your classes for the upcoming week. Your 2 months begin with the first class you attend.

There are over 40 classes a week to choose from and they are all only 30 minutes long! Classes are listed in Pacific Standard Time. Your pass is valid for 30 consecutive days of UNLIMITED CLASSES.

*Please note that you need to reserve your spot in class at least 24 hours prior to class time. This builds in accountability and we promise you are more likely to make your workout when you schedule it into your busy life and make it a set appointment for YOU. *

I am so passionate about our platform and want to give everyone a chance to join for these 2 months, without locking in a contract. If at the end you decide this it isn't the right fit, nothing lost besides a few beads of sweat.

But chances are that you will fall in love with this platform like so many of our members have and in a month from now your energy, happiness and strength will be VFITSTRONG. You will be part of a private community there to support you, cheer you on and get you motivated on the toughest of days.

If you still have questions, you can always contact me. We are a team around here and your partners in reaching all of your health goals and beyond.

Don't just take it from ME, hear it from your own TEAM at the VFit Studio to see how this platform has changed their life for the better!



Normally, to get to a yoga class one day, Pilates the next, boxing on Wednesday & cardio on Friday, you’d need 4 different gym memberships. Not to mention commuting to each and every fitness studio.

Not with VFit.

Our classes are more diverse than all of your fitness club memberships combined. Plus, you don’t have to leave your house to show up and work out.

100+ classes and counting delivered directly to the comfort of your home. Our trainers are up to date on the hottest fitness workouts around, educated, certified, insured and passionate about YOUR success.

With our online fitness platform, you’ll find nothing but being in the best shape of your life.


Utilizing the foundations of ballet barre exercises, you will sculpt, strengthen and sweat your way to a more stable posterior chain, obtain more flexibility and build a stronger core.

Core & Caboose

VFit Studio Exclusive Class. The class focuses on working 2 of our most powerful body areas – the Core & Caboose. Challenge your muscles through exercises that will build strength in your most powerful muscles.


Increase flexibility and strength in your physical body and nurture inner calm and confidence that will transform your experience of daily life.

30 in 30

VFit Studio Exclusive Class. Flow between 30 body weight and weighted exercises throughout the class. You will never get bored with this class and it is sure to challenge your whole body.


We've done it again! Another VFit Studio exclusive format. This class you'll be working on your ABC's. That's Arms, Booty, and Core! The class is centered around bodyweight training, an effective way to build lean muscle.

Sculpt & Stretch

Spend the first half building heat in the body and sculpting our muscles and finish up with some deeper stretching. Your body will thank you for every minute of this class that is both rejuvenating and restorative.

Cardio Shred

VFit Studio Exclusive Class. You will use your own body weight to get your heart pumping and endorphins running. Combines non-stop high intensity interval training, with fun cardio drills.

The willPower Method®

Combines alignment-based movements from Pilates® and yoga with strong, athletic calisthenics and dance principles; yielding safe, efficient workouts for everyone at any fitness level.

And So Much More

Check out our ever-increasing schedule that has some of the most effective, fun and safe classes out there. Each class is packed from start to finish to maximize your time spent with our VFit Team.