VFit Studio Lunch & Learn Series: Dr. Jennie Walker

VFit Studio is honored to get to host experts in the fields of medicine, personal growth, and physical therapy with a special Lunch & Learn series of enrichment classes in our virtual studio.

Here we are sharing some recorded sessions of Lunch & Learn session for those that were not able to attend live, or those who want to watch again and take notes!

Session 2: COVID-19 UPDATE >>>

Session 1: COVID-19 INFO & ANALYSIS >>>


We are happy to share the recording from today's very first Lunch & Learn at VFit.

VFit was honored to feature special guest, Jennie Walker, M.D for an hour long lunch and learn as she breaks down the 411 on COVID-19 from the medical side (both holistic and traditional) and why we must take the steps we are taking in our nation right now.

The second portion of this program will break down simple steps you can take at home to boost your immunity and stay healthy through these challenging times. We ended with a great Q&A session.

Knowledge is power and we can't wait to empower this team with a true pro in the industry.

Jenny Walker, MD


graph 2
graph 1

First chart: illustrates the importance of protective measures to ensure we do not surpass our healthcare system's capacity to treat patients.

Second chart: This line graph shows where in the spectrum and progression of time the US fares in comparison with the other countries that have been hardest hit by COVID-19.

About Jennie Walker, M.D.

Jennie Walker has been a practicing physician for over 15 years and is currently an Emergency Medicine physician at Mammoth Hospital. Dr. Walker earned her undergraduate degree in Physiological Sciences from UCLA, her medical degree from Chicago Medical School and completed her residency at Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield.

As an Emergency Physician, Dr. Walker frequently cares for patients with multiple chronic diseases. After years of watching these patients continue to get worse, despite standard medical treatments, she felt there must be a better approach. Conventional medicine gives a name to symptoms and then prescribes a pill. Patients rarely heal completely, and frequently need more medication to manage the effects of the original treatment. Dr. Walker believes there is a much better approach to treating disease in Functional Medicine.

Dr. Walker completed her Functional Medicine training through the Kresser Institute’s ADAPT Practitioner Training Program. She is currently a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine.

https://www.functionalmedmammoth.com/ to learn more or work with her team on the holistic side of medicine.

"Dr. Jennie Walker was so thorough in a non alarmist way. Thank you for making that happen VFit team."

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