I get excited when I can share a VFit Success Story. Just another example that the VFit Studio actually WORKS. Learn how the VFit Studio helps Maria stay active and in shape while managing her 2 jobs, 2 kids and family life. Read Maria's VFit Success Story...

I absolutely love the VFit Studio. My whole life I have been very active, from sports as a kid, then as an adult pushing myself with marathons, bikram, Cross Fit, hiking the Sierras, you name it. Once I had my children, especially my second, I found it very challenging to find ways to workout and it really took a toll on me physically and mentally to not be as active as I always have been. With the two kids, working two jobs and also staying home with the kids, fitting it in, finding daycare, commuting to multiple gyms to get in the variety I crave, it simply wasn't happening.

Enter the VFit Studio, one day I just said, alright, I have to try it out, with 5 minutes to the start of class I just said YES and haven't looked back. Being able to have the classes direct to me, wherever I may be, is a total game changer. Sometimes, I'm taking them in the kitchen with my children playing at my feet or running around the house. I've taken them at my work conference room. Now that it's nicer out, I've started taking them outside with me. The access is incredible, at the bare minimum I can take them with my iPhone as long as I have WiFi which I do from anywhere here at home or work. We travel a bit, and I love that I can still rely on a good quality workout from a hotel room, or at my in-laws, or wherever we may be. Also, going back to my roots of team sports, the community aspect with team members across the country all taking the same classes with me, really motivates me to keep going. Not only are the VFit Instructors LIVE, providing instant feedback, I can watch my other VFit teammates (and many of my friends who have signed) doing their workouts as well with the Zoom app, and have gotten to know their kids, dogs and other fun things they have going around them during the 30 minutes stretch of class as well. Each class also have a Spotify playlist that goes with it, and I have a lot of fun listening to the lively songs as I go, or sometimes will play my own music that I'm feeling that day.

I can't recommend the VFit Studio enough to anyone looking for a solid mix of exercise classes, flexibility, accessibility and community.


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