VFit Studio Lunch & Learn Series

VFit Studio is honored to get to host experts in the fields of medicine, personal growth, and physical therapy with a special Lunch & Learn series of enrichment classes in our virtual studio.

Here we are sharing some recorded sessions of Lunch & Learn session for those that were not able to attend live, or those who want to watch again and take notes!

Lunch & Learn with Melanie Clark

Creating Personal & Professional Well Being While Navigating Challenging Times

We are in for an amazing treat in the from of the ONE AND ONLY, Melanie Clark.

Join this gem of a human being for an hour-long lunch and learn, diving deep into how to create personal and professional well beings, while navigating challenging times.

Could there be a more fitting topic that we can all use a morale boost in?

Melanie Clark

About Melanie Clark:

Melanie Clark is a certified life, love, and success coach. She coaches CEO’s from fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, and celebrity dentists.

Melanie is a true entrepreneur; she owns and operates a successful life coaching business and consulting company, The Amazing Clarks.

She is a team culture expert, thought leader, and spiritual teacher. She and her husband were named Life Changers by Dr. Drew Pinsky.

She brings love and positive energy to business and life. She believes relationships are what keep people happy, healthy, and driven to succeed.

She has made it her personal mission to teach people how to love one another and themselves more in order to make the world a better place for us all. She is inspiring, informative, and an example of how to live a successful loving life.

Melanie is also a wife and mother of three adult children. She did not have an easy start in life; she grew up on welfare and eventually ended up in the foster care system.

Against all odds she has created a life most people aspire to have. She lives and works with her husband Anthony in Long Beach, California. Together they are The Amazing Clarks; their clients call them The Amazing Clarks because they empower people to live amazing lives!

You can reach Melanie directly with questions or inquiries on her services at anthony@theamazingclarks.com.

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