Be our guest this weekend to enjoy the sweat, smiles and magic of VFit.

We are opening our virtual studio doors and every class this weekend at VFit is FREE.



We feel compelled to act in the way that we know best; by sharing the gift of self care, smiles, sweat and being connected to a team.

LIVE, online fitness classes to join from the comfort and ease of your home.

Cardio, Shine Yoga, Sculpt & Stretch, Box & Blast and more.

No commute needed.

Join the VFit team this weekend (3/14-3/15/20) in as many classes on our schedule that you'd like to hop into.  This one's on us. No credit card needed or string attached.

We've been at this LIVE, online fitness magic for 4 1/2 years and have led over 15K live group fitness classes.

Whether you've taken an online class before, or it's your first time, we'd love to have you in our classes and do some good together.

Simply click here to check out our weekend schedule and if you see a class (or two or four!) that you'd like to take, hit the sign up button.

**Keep in mind all classes are listed in PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. **

You'll need to create a quick free login, but no worries -  there are no strings attached or credit card needed. Space is limited to 99 participants per class, so grab a spot before they are gone.

VFit Studio is Online Fitness, Personalized

At VFit Studio, we take a fresh approach to online fitness.

Real people.  Real classes.  From home.

We've mastered the ultimate personal experience and have led over 15K live classes since we opened our online doors in 2015.

At VFit Studio, your trainer comes directly to you!

If you have an internet connection and a yoga mat worth of space, you can be at the VFit Studio - no commute, no crowded parking lots, no fighting over germ covered equipment, no lugging the kids around needed.

The VFit Team is here to personally cheer you on, keep you accountable, and give you that extra nudge you need some days.

We invite you to experience this new dimension of fitness with this complimentary weekend to explore our studio.

  • Experience a truly personal approach to fitness
  • Unlimited access to our weekend lineup of live online group fitness classes.
  • Absolutely no credit card needed for the weekend classes, nothing to cancel at end of the weekend, or hidden fees.
  • Functional fitness classes: cardio, strength, mobility/balance, and stretching recovery.
  • Save time: 30 minute live classes, no commute or wasted time.

Real Life Motivation and Accountability From A Supportive Tribe

VFit Studio's New Member of the Year - Kristin A

"VFit fits into my life because it takes away all the excuses for not working out"

- Kristin A, 307 VFit Classes

VFit Studio's New Member of the Year - Kristin A

"I have increased my fitness to a level I didn't think possible at my age and I'm motivated to keep going!! "

- Cathy E - 1,912 VFit Classes

VFit Studio - Lisa G

"Exercise is the one thing I try to do for myself every morning. I feel like it helps me be a better mom, wife and boss, friend, etc."

- Lisa B - 747 VFit Classes

VFit Studio - Lisa G

"I VFit because it's all done out of a commitment I made about 10 years ago to be healthy and everything I do now is in alignment with that."

- Ilene - 1,042 VFit Classes

"I feel comfortable and supported by the entire trainer team and the entire community of members, like myself."

- Alyssa K - 1,417 VFit Classes

"To me, the VFit Studio means family, support, motivation, encouragement, inspiration, convenience, fun, challenges, the BEST trainers, and RESULTS!"

- Leslie S - 618 VFit Classes

At VFit Studio, our tribe is all about self care so that we can all go out as the best version of ourselves to serve in this world.

VFit is truly the most supportive tribe out there. Every member and trainer is rooting for YOU to succeed.

VFit's Free Weekend Passes Need to Be Redeemed and Activated Within The Next:


From the triathlete, to #teamgrandma, we have you covered!

VFit Studio classes are 30 minute live online fitness classes you can take anywhere you have internet.

Simply set up your tablet, phone, or computer and login to your live class with your webcam.

Our VFit trainers will personally guide you, help correct your form, and be your biggest cheerleader as we lead you LIVE through every VFit class.