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Take 10 – Take a Time Out

Take 10 - Take a Time Out

Take 10 – Take a Time Out

Take a Time Out

Give yourself the gift of a time-out.  
I’m not sure why kids dislike time-outs and naps.  LOL!  In my world these are activities to be savored like fine wine and expensive chocolate.
The following video is about 10 minutes.  Tell your family that you need a ten minute time-out and enjoy a mild upper body stretch along with a mental break. 
You can always lock  yourself in the bathroom and put on headphones if needed.
DON’T forget to lock the door—they will find you. No worries though, the headphones will drown out their cries.
Just kidding. Sort of?


About Shari

Shari is VFit’s resident miracle worker from Texas! She leads an “Unwind” class, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. But don’t let her zen like ways fool you. She can deliver just as Yang of a high intensity class and leave your muscles “good” sore for days to come.
“Born and raised in Texas, I was a competitive gymnast in grade school and went on to be a competitive twirler in High School.
I attended college at The University of Texas in Austin, majoring in English and Kinesiology.

Having always had a love for physical fitness, I taught group fitness throughout college, and upon graduating was hired to teach public school.With the demands of a new job and a new husband, exercise became my time to unwind.

With my 3 children now in school, I returned to my first career as a group exercise instructor.

Yoga is one of my favorite styles to teach because it has something for everyone. It is healing and strengthening all in one. It truly is the complete package.

When not in the gym teaching, I enjoying spending time outdoors hiking and exploring with my husband and 3 children.

We are avid travelers who enjoy each new adventure that we encounter. All three of my children are very active in competitive sports.”

Favorite Fitness Quote: “Fitness is a journey not a destination”
RYT 500 Yoga Therapist
Senior Fit Specialist
Mobility Specialist
Yin Yoga Specialist