Your plan has been set for the week! Now it's time to put that plan into action with a list and hit the store.

There are 3 ways to create a shopping list:

  • From the "meal planning" tab, after you have created your meal plan, hit the icon at the bottom to "generate shopping list".
  • By manually adding recipes below, or
  • By hitting the "shopping cart" icon listed in each recipe that you are planning to make and then by coming back to this page to print the list of needed ingredients.

You are able to change serving sizes between recipes, ensuring you always have enough on hand, but can avoid mass amounts of wasted food.

Prepare that list and have fun buying all the REAL food you are going to be cooking up.

Some members do the best shopping for a full week at a time, and others do better going every few days. As long as the plan works for you, it's a winning plan.

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