Unwind PLUS

Join this special class that combines 20 minutes of our famous Unwind class, and adds in a 10 minutes of Yoga Nidra magic, to wrap up this 30 minutes of magic.
This class will relax you in ways your mind and body deserve now more than ever.
Log in from a comfortable location - maximum relaxation is in store.
Unwind -An all-levels class that combines breath, stretching, and gentle postures, designed to help you unwind and de-stress from your day.This practice increases flexibility and mobility in your physical body and nurtures inner calm and confidence that will transform your experience of daily life. Your mind and body will thank you immensely after this special class.

Yoga Nidra: means sleep with awareness.
It is a powerful technique in which you learn to relax consciously. This state of relaxation is reached by turning inwards, away from outer experiences. Much like a guided meditation.



An INFINITE amount of SUPPORT from your VFit Studio team. Each and every person in the VFit Studio is committed to YOU and your goals. Don't go after your health alone. Harness the power of a team and continue your journey with us!


An ever increasing schedule FULL of the hottest and most EFFECTIVE FITNESS trends across the country. You can be assured the instructor team is increasing their education and attending trainings to keep bringing you the best fitness ever. You would need to be a member of several gyms to find the diversity that is offered at VFit Studio.

#30 MinVFitWordouts

Exclusive VFit Studio original class formats that you won't find at any other gyms or studio. We pride ourselves on bringing you the most effective, balanced and fun workouts. We pack every 30 MINUTE class to make sure you get the most out of your short time spend with the VFit Team.


A SAFE ENVIRONMENT in every single class. Having the support of a live instructor to safely monitor your form and progress in priceless in our eyes. And there is no denying that you push yourself harder when you are surrounded by other.


A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP full of other rockstars just like you spread across the country helping motivate and keep each other accountable.


With the VFit Studio's LIVE Virtual Fitness Classes you will SAVE TIME. You no longer need to commute to/from a gym, hunt down parking, look for childcare or leave your family behind. Our workouts truly take only 30 minutes of your day.