In this eBook you will find:

  • A complete recipe guide with 33 Real Food Recipes, including Breakfasts, Lunch/Dinner, Salads/Sides and Sauces/Dressings.
  • A Nutrient Superstar Shopping Guide to take to the store with you.
  • A blank Week at a Glance Meal/Exercise Planner to start planning your most important areas of life and building the foundations that will save you precious time.

While fitness is my number one passion, food comes in a close second.

The reality is, what you feed your body matters immensely to your overall health and well being.

Exercise is a KEY component to health and one that I believe has the most positive ripple effects built in, but food cannot be overlooked when working on being the best YOU!

It is my sincere hope that you will use this guide as a foundation for bringing real food into your life and start to look at food as fuel. Food is another gift for yourself.

Your relationship with food can then change from one of guilt and restriction to one of self-love and abundance.

Or maybe you just need some new inspiration in the kitchen and food ideas – we have that covered as well.

Every cell of your body relies on what you put into it, so you mine as well fuel with the best stuff possible!

My take on nutrition is to eat food in as close to the natural state as possible. I don’t label my eating as Paleo, Vegetarian,
Atkins, Whole 30 or anything in between. I like to say “I eat real food!” – Simple as that.

I believe in a good balance of protein, healthy fats, veggies and fuel driving carbs. Also when I need a treat or splurge, I get what I enjoy and savor every bite guilt free.

Each person is different in the exact macro’s that they may need to fuel their lifestyle, so you are encouraged to start stripping the additives, sugars and processed food away from your life and start filling it with real food.

From there you will gain a better sense of exactly how much of each Macro (protein, fat, carb) that your body does best on.

I know many of you have families as well to feed and we wouldn’t want you thriving all on your own, so all of the recipes are family approved and ones I prepare often for my own active family.

If you find someone in your tribe doesn’t like something you made, don’t take it personal. Keep trying, taste buds do change and don’t give up.