JOIN US FOR THE FINAL RESET OF 2020 - Program Runs 11/16-11/29

Live Well, Fuel Well

Join the VFit team for the final Quarterly Reset of 2020! We kick off the fun on Nov. 16th, 2020

14 days to focus in on your health and dial in the 7 Pillars of health. Truly a program unlike anything else out there.

Where saying NO is not in our vocabulary!

The VFit Squad Reset is the ultimate nutritional support system for your busy life. We have designed this program with one simple goal: to change the way you look at health forever.

In case you haven’t realized yet, DIETS don’t work. They restrict what you give yourself both mentally and physically. They are often set around strict rules telling you what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. When “said” diet is done, you find yourself back shoveling down that ice cream you “couldn’t” have and falling right back into old habits.

It’s time to change your approach to health once and for all!

In true VFit fashion, we’re here to arm you with REAL life tools that will work in your busy life and connect you with an AMAZING team of like-minded others, coming together to motivate and inspire each other.

So let’s crush the myth that one approach works for all.

Our goal is to lay a strong foundation that supports lasting change. And to have a whole lot of fun doing so.

At the VFit Squad, we believe that optimal health revolves around SEVEN very important “Pillars of Health”:

  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Sleep
  • Hydration
  • Self-Care
  • Outdoors
  • Gratitude & Celebration

Over the course of 2 weeks, we will coach, support and cheer you on as you rack in points over the 7 Pillars of health: Food, Exercise, Hydration, Getting Outside, Self Care, Sleep, and Gratitude.

You earn points for ADDING positive behaviors to your days. You are never penalized for anything around here!

Along with point tracking, you have FULL access to all online VFit Squad resources (Recipe Rolodex, Meal Planning Template, Shopping List Creator and more!), daily inspiration emails filled with fit and food tips, daily challenges and an interactive support group to cheer you on and answer any questions you may have.

Our teammates return to this program each time because it WORKS and slowly makes sustainable changes in your life that last the long run.



  • Access to our exclusive 14 Day VFit Squad Reset Program running Jan. 20th- Feb 2nd, plus 3 bonus months of access to all resources
  • Personal online account
  • Recipe Rolodex with over 250+ delicious, easy, real food recipes
  • Personalized grocery shopping lists
  • Newsletters with updates, food tips, trainer tips, and more!
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Q&A Sessions with trainers and coaches
  • A major shift in the way you approach health and SO much more!

Let's walk you through the 7 pillars of wellness so you can better understand the mindset of the VFit Squad Wellness Mastermind Group.  Each one of these pillars is just as important as the other one.  If you are skimping out on any of the below, your health and wellness will take a hit.  The goal is to find balance and ensure that you are truly taking a well rounded approach to your health.  Read on to learn more about each pillar of wellness and why we feel it is important to make it a priority.


Your muscles need fuel by way of fresh oxygen and movement.  Work hard on those muscles, boost up your heart rate, and you’ll deliver this much needed nutrient called energy, blood flow, and life all throughout your body!

Not only that, they say that exercise gives you your daily DOSE.  Dose of what?

Dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins.  These feel good brain chemicals are all released when you get your workouts in and prioritize self care into your routine.  Here's a super quick run down of what each of these chemicals are best known for:

Dopamine - helps you feel pleasure and think more clearly
Oxytocin - the 'cuddle' or 'love hormone' that's released when you snuggle or bond socially
Serotonin - aka 'the happy chemical' is responsible for feelings of well-being and joy
Endorphins - hormones that relieve pain and stress

Reading that list above, aren't you feeling like yes!  I want all of that?!!!!

If you can move, you should be exercising your body most days of the week. Exercise comes in every shape and form and we believe in a well rounded routine of cardio, strength, balance/mobility and restorative movement.

Our team has created a special FUNctional Fitness Plan that breaks down the ratio of what a truly well balanced exercise program should look like.  You can download your copy here. 

We use this as the basis for creating our online live class schedule as well.  So whether you've used the plan before or not, if you take our classes the same day every day, you are likely already following this plan!

Exercise is where you can get the most bang for your buck, in the least amount of time, so fuel yourself up with 15-30 minutes a day and watch amazing things start to happen in your mind and body.




We have outdoor time as part of our 7 pillars of wellness because getting outside is very important to your mental and physical well being.

Your body and mind need fuel from fresh air and vitamin D by means of spending time outdoors.  Vitamin D is crucial in cell repair, stamina, boosts to your mood, and your immunity. Many illnesses are linked to vitamin D deficiencies.

And even in those harsh winter months when you might not actually be getting direct Vitamin D, you are still reaping many rewards by fueling up from fresh air and stepping away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

In today’s tech driven world, you can easily go days on end without spending a solid chunk of time outside.  We are willing to bet it is affecting your health.  You are more stressed, on edge, and more reactive in your life if you don’t take time to get in some fresh air.

Instead, take 15-30 minutes a day to set your phone down, to unplug, and go outside.

There is no bad weather, there is only bad clothing.

This pillar alone can easily change your life if you are lacking in it.



Out of all of the pillars of wellness, this one right here is often the biggest eye opener.

On average, MOST of us run our bodies at dehydrated levels.  We are not properly hydrated, and it is causing negative effects on our skin, stamina, sleep, recovery time, and more.

Your body needs fuel by being properly hydrated with water daily.  Nearly every biological function of your body is dependent upon having those hydrogen and oxygen molecules at the ready!

8 cups a day is the minimum place to start. We have a great formula of just how much water you need, that we love sharing with our team:

1/2 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day.

ADD at least 8 ounces for every half hour of exercise you do.

This formula varies also depending on temps and humidity.  But do the quick math right now and see where you fall on the hydration spectrum.  If you are falling short, work to gradually add in more water to get yourself to the low range on this formula.  Then, try adding a bit more and see what level works best for you.



Ding ding! Another key pillar of health we see nearly every other wellness program leave out. How can you truly be healthy if you aren’t living a life full of gratitude and celebrations?

Your heart, the very muscle that keeps you alive, gets its fuel by living a life full of gratitude and by celebrating even the smallest of victories. 

Being thankful for what you have, especially those around you, will continue to help you view your life in a more positive light and send ripple effects throughout your day. Your stress hormones will lower, your blood pressure is positively affected. Gratitude is some powerful stuff, trust us!

There are many ways you can work to incorporate this wellness pillar into your daily routine.  Here's a few ways to build in this daily habit:

// Wake up each day and share a gratitude in a gratitude journal, or share it aloud with those that you live with and love

// Create a gratitude jar and each morning write something you thankful for, if you are feeling lost, being thankful for 'breath' which is LIFE, is always an option!

// Before each meal, share a little gratitude with those that you are with, or alone to yourself.  Giving thanks for what's in front of you and having the means to have a meal is something important and worth taking a moment of gratitude.  Studies show that when we do this, our bodies even do a better job digesting the meal we are about to eat!

To build gratitude into a daily habit, one you don't even have to think about, set it as part of your day that you do each day!  The more you can incorporate it at a regular time in your day, the more of a habit it will become.  Just like brushing your teeth, you'll have this built in practice of gratitude that will shine more light on all that is good in your life.  And once you start this process, you'll start seeing each day in a more positive light!

Is gratitude something you practice on a daily basis already?  If not, start today with one thing you are thankful for.



“I’ll sleep when I’m dead” is just about the worst quote out there. You’ll live a lot longer and at a higher quality of life, if you get your proper zzz’s in!

Your body, mind, and spirit refuel when you sleep.  The process of restoring and building happens overnight while you get in those blocks of rest each night.

Sleep is a basic human need.

Let's repeat after me...

Sleep is a basic human need.

It's right there at the base of Maslow's hierarchy of needs for a reason!  Food, water, and rest (spoiler alert, food is one of our final two pillars!)  serve as the base of this pyramid.  Without the base, there's no pyramid!  These three are the absolute basic essentials for life.  Without these, nothing else matters.

We live in a 24/7 society where the internet never sleeps and you can get whatever you want, nearly whenever you want.  Expectations and demands on our time are higher than ever.  BUT, we are still human and need to ensure we continue to prioritize and get our sleep in.

Getting a full night’s rest is important for your brain health, your mood, energy, and stress level as well. 7+ hours is the minimum that most need and while we know that during some stages of life, this Pillar may be out of your control, we still encourage you to prioritize sleep as a very important part of your life.



The importance of taking time to fill your own cup cannot be overstated.

When you own cup is depleted, you have nothing left to give and simply are not filling your own needs and passions for what truly brings you joy.

When you focus on self care, your mind becomes fueled.  When you stop, slow down, and tune into your own needs there is a great deal of satisfaction.

Having a moment of calm in your day can be delivered by taking time for some quiet reflection and self care. For some, this may be reading a book, meditating, working out, gardening, sewing, you get the jist. There is no one size fits all “self-care” activity.  Finding a small pocket of time in your day to take care of you isn’t selfish, it’s critical.

You can spend the whole day alone, but that does not translate to me time or self care!  You have to actively seek out doing things and spending time on things you truly enjoy just for you.

Take a moment and think about what kinds of activities get you excited and that would put a big ol’ smile on your face if you spent 15 minutes doing it.  Make a list, and then make it a priority to get it in.  Every day!  It is possible.  And it’ll feel oh so good to GET to do the things that bring you so much joy.

Here's a few ideas to get you going:

// if you love to travel, take a few minutes each day to read travel blogs and plan that next trip
// sign up for your favorite exercise class and take that time to focus on just YOU
// give yourself a pedicure, or an extra long shower or bubble bath
// listen to your favorite pod cast or read a chapter in your favorite book
// if you like crafting, craft!  If you like baking, bake!  You get the idea!  And if you can't DO what you love, read about and learn more about how to do it, then get yourself into doing it more!  The more you do what you love, the happier you will be.

The importance of self care cannot be overestimated.  Each pillar is a part of our wellness wheel for a reason, and you’ll only get so far if you neglect taking time out of each day just for you.  It may even get you setting your alarm a little earlier each day so you can do a bit more of what you love and what fills your own cup!!



Your body needs fuel to live.  On a primal level, you can’t function very long without eating.

The better you eat, the better you feel, everyone knows this.

Usually we look to and relate to fuel as just food and water.  In fact, 90% of the health/wellness industry is centered around telling you what to eat and what not to eat, and that you can take a pill/shake and it will make you healthy. End of story.

BUT there are so many other parts of your life you must FUEL as well, and each “pillar” is an area that we believe deeply in.  This is why we made the order we presented these pillars in in such a way where we saved FOOD for the final pillar, so that you could take this journey through the wellness pillars and understand how all the other pillars also serve as fuel for your mind, body, and spirit.

So to focus on food, here are some key takeaways we'd like to share:

Food is fuel for your body.

It's how you take in the nutrients your body needs to properly function. You cannot out exercise a bad diet! Workout and hit all the pillars like a total champ, but skimp in this department and you'll never quite feel as good as you possibly could.

Fuel your body and you'll have more energy, sleep better, become stronger, have better digestion, boost your immunity, and go throughout your day with what your body needs keep you moving and feeling good.

Taking care of your body by eating mostly whole foods, lean protein, and plenty of vegetables is where it's at.

While we do not advocate for any diet in particular, what we do suggest is eat clean. Read those labels, and if you don't know what the ingredients are that's in it, skip it.

With a few small tweaks, you can shift your diet and start feeling the benefits right away. Our bodies are resilient, and respond to changes straight away. And if you do falter, never give up the ship! Take the next meal as an opportunity to get back to basics and keep it real - with real food. Your body will thank you.

The best tip out there and one we follow each week is to MEAL PLAN.  Taking a few minutes each week and devising a meal plan, organizing, and prepping yourself for the week ahead is the #1 way to ensure you are eating real, whole, food all week long and not going for 'convenience' items, skipping meals, or diving into the chip bag starving because your fridge is empty.


Great question!  Meet the Wellness Wheel ...

VFit Squad Wellness Wheel

This Wellness Wheel is an activity you can easily do each week, or any time you need it, to ensure you are balancing out the pillars and that your wellness wheel is spinning smoothly.  At VFit, it is our core value that in order to live your best life, you need a well balanced Wellness Wheel that can rotate evenly and propel you FORWARD.  This wheel requires that all 7 tanks are adequately filled, in order for the wheel to spin most effectively.

Take an honest look into your own personal life in this current season, and rate each Pillar of Health from a 1 to a 5. Then color in the rings to get a perfect visual of where your wheel may need a little more air and energy given to it.


“5” or the outermost circle means you are at your best of where you could possibly be with this pillar and have it dialed in, with little to no room to grow/improve. This very well may be the case in some Pillars, so do not feel bad ranking anything at a 5, that will just create more space for another Pillar you may need to tune deeper into.


The center is zero.  Zero means you currently have no focus in your life in this pillar.  Be honest with yourself here. We will return to this exercise at the end of the Reset and see how this picture has shifted for you!

As a bonus for getting to this final stage, download your FREE copy of this wellness wheel exercise to use any time!

There you have it.  A full roundup of all things VFit Squad and our wellness mastermind group.  We sure hope that this information has helped opened your eyes to more opportunities in your own life to create lasting healthy habits to live a strong, happy, healthy life full!

And if it's something you'd like to continue to explore in your personal life, we'd love for you to join our VFit Squad Wellness Mastermind Group today with our 3-month, or 6-month membership option.

What is a Mastermind Group

A mastermind group is something that has become quite popular as a way to collectively work towards personal development and growth.  It's a peer-to-peer group and its purpose is to bring like minded individuals together that can work on helping problem solve, provide advice, and share new ideas together.  Being an active part of a mastermind can prove life changing and help stretch you as a person.


How Does the VFit Mastermind Group Work

The VFit Squad Mastermind Group embraces the core philosophies of the VFit Squad by embracing the 7 pillars of wellness: exercise, outdoors, water, me time, food, sleep, and gratitude.

Each member of the VFit Squad Mastermind Group has access to the full VFit Squad website, which includes all the tools necessary to ensure their food and nutrition are well balanced with access to over 250 tried and true real food recipes.

The VFit Squad Wellness Mastermind Group runs in its own private Facebook Group where each member is encouraged to contribute and support growth in areas of wellness.  As a collective, the mastermind seeks to share information on wellness hacks, such as new tips on creating healthy lasting habits, to podcasts, books, new hikes they've completed, bucket list trips and more.

Each week, two guided posts are a part of the VFit Squad Wellness Mastermind Group to encourage members to build in consistent habits with meal planning and checking in on their 7 pillars of wellness:

  • Sunday - #mealplanshare - each and every Sunday, the mastermind group is encouraged to take a few moments out of their day and write up and share a meal plan and share it with the group.  It is a core VFit Squad philosophy that creating meal plans each week ensures that you and your family are eating healthy, well balanced meals and supports healthy eating habits.  This thread also helps provide other mastermind members with ideas on new recipes to try and share with the group.


  • Wednesday - Wellness Wheel Wednesday - this weekly thread encourages members to do a 2 minute activity of filling out their Wellness Wheel to do an internal check with themselves at the present moment about how they are doing with each pillar of wellness.  This provides an immediate quick visual of what areas of wellness may need some special attention, and the group works to create an action plan to work on building out a stronger wellness wheel so members feel they are running on all cylinders.

The VFit Squad Mastermind Group encourages that members are open and share engaging positive content.

Our mindset is purely focused on addition, not subtraction. Think: more healthy foods. More time for yourself. More workouts that you love. More gratitude. This theory is called “crowding out,” and what it means is that as you add more and more healthy habits to your life, there is less and less room for the unhealthy ones.

VFit Squad works to help its mastermind members learn to dramatically improve their health by making slow, gradual changes to their overall lifestyle.  These changes will, over time, get members to a higher, sustainable, level of health that is built in as part of a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

We'd like to encourage you to join the VFit Squad Wellness Mastermind Group and have created membership options which are available here.

We have created a 3-month and a 6-month membership option for you to join our mastermind group.


  • Access to our exclusive 14 Day VFit Squad Reset Program running Jan. 20th- Feb 2nd, plus 3 bonus months of access to all resources
  • Personal online account
  • Recipe Rolodex with over 250+ delicious, easy, real food recipes
  • Personalized grocery shopping lists
  • Newsletters with updates, food tips, trainer tips, and more!
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Q&A Sessions with trainers and coaches
  • A major shift in the way you approach health and SO much more!
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