VFit Studio OPEN HOUSE - 1/9-1/18/23

Fitness - Accountability - Community

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You are invited to be our guest as we kick off 2023 at VFit! Join our Open House and enjoy 10 days of Complimentary UNLIMITED, LIVE Online Fitness Classes.

Simply click the "Open House Pass" button and load up your 10 day class pass.

**You'll need to create a quick login, but no worries -  there are no strings attached or credit card needed to sign up.

Load a pass today, we begin the Fit Fest in:



A truly personal approach to fitness: you'll be personally guided from the time you load your pass, through your trial week by one of our very own world class trainers.

It will feel as if you just got set up with a personal trainer.

  • Unlimited Access to join  our 80+ weekly live online group fitness classes.
  • Personal Support from our passionate Trainer team.
  • A Community of woman across the country cheering you on and walking this journey together.
  • 24/7 Access to our On-Demand library of workouts.
  • Absolutely no credit card needed for the trial, nothing to cancel at weeks end or hidden fees.

VFIT Fits Your Life

To transform your body + get in the best shape of your life, put your trust in the VFit way of fitness and health; 30 minutes at a time.

Which is good news for somebody as busy as you.

With the VFit Studio, we bring the live fitness studio experience directly into your home.  

Finally, a platform that works with your busy life, not against it.

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At VFit Studio we take a fresh approach to online fitness.  We've mastered the ultimate personal experience - LIVE to wherever your life is happening.

VFit Studio's New Member of the Year - Kristin A

"VFit fits into my life because it takes away all the excuses for not working out"

- Kristin A, 307 VFit Classes

VFit Studio's New Member of the Year - Kristin A

"I have increased my fitness to a level I didn't think possible at my age and I'm motivated to keep going!! "

- Cathy E - 1,912 VFit Classes

VFit Studio - Lisa G

"Exercise is the one thing I try to do for myself every morning. I feel like it helps me be a better mom, wife and boss, friend, etc."

- Lisa B - 747 VFit Classes

VFit Studio - Lisa G

"I VFit because it's all done out of a commitment I made about 10 years ago to be healthy and everything I do now is in alignment with that."

- Ilene - 1,042 VFit Classes

"I feel comfortable and supported by the entire trainer team and the entire community of members, like myself."

- Alyssa K - 1,417 VFit Classes

"To me, the VFit Studio means family, support, motivation, encouragement, inspiration, convenience, fun, challenges, the BEST trainers, and RESULTS!"

- Leslie S - 618 VFit Classes

VFIT Is Functional Fitness

The key to getting in the best shape of your life and staying there is variety. The VFit Studio is one gym pass to rule them all. More diverse than all of your fitness club memberships combined.

Strength. Cardio. Mobility. Flexibility.Barre.Pilates.Dance.

We’ve got you covered with access to over 70 LIVE classes per week.


VFIT Is Community

Anyone can do an on-demand workout from home. The question is, how sweaty do you really get and how accountable are you when your motivation is still in bed?

At the VFit Studio, we have a personal approach to online fitness.  Our trainers are actively coaching YOU taking your live class.

You'll hear her call out your name as she cheers you on, or helps give a modification for a move if you need it.

We have a team of highly trained fitness pros so you can feel supported one push-up, one squat, one mountain climber at a time.

Our team of members and trainers are with you all the way. This is the real deal fitness community you’ve been craving.

VFIT Is More Tone In Less Time

VFit Trainers are the masters of effective fitness.

Gone are the days of living at the gym to get results. Our trainers are the best out there at crafting the most efficient fitness workouts around.

Sculpt your body. Feel good in your own skin.

With our combined 85+ years between our trainer team, you’re in good hands. Certified extensively by accredited companies, we’re all experienced, insured, and in the BEST shape of our lives.


Real Life Motivation and Accountability From A Supportive Team