You deserve a big THANK YOU! In the form of sweat, smiles and health.


As we head into the official holiday season, the very best gift you can give anyone is a healthy, happy and vibrant YOU! No material gift can ever compete with that.


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To transform your body + get in the best shape of your life, all you need to do is show up for 30 minutes at a time.

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30 Minutes of Exercise that will Transform the other 23.5 Hours of your Day.

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When exercise is a constant in your life, you look different, you feel different and most importantly you ACT differently.

That’s because exercise makes you happy! That physical, mental, emotional + spiritual happiness carries over into EVERY other area of life.

Treat YOURSELF to the most valuable gift out there - health, happiness and TIME.

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"I was skeptical that I could get a good workout in from home, in only 30 minutes. Your team proved me wrong in the first 2 minutes of class. A week later and I have worked out more than I have in months. I feel amazing inside and out. Total game changer and I'm hooked!" - Kristen, Avid VFiter

Treat yourself to the gift of being able to handle the demands of life, without letting your own self care fly out the window.

If your wishes and hopes of getting to the gym, just aren't "working out", there is another way.

Maybe your gym sees your monthly credit card payment more than they see you.

Your time is one of the most valuable assets you have.

Arm yourself with a fitness platform that is proven to work for the busiest of beings.

No navigating cold and icy roads, no traffic, no red lights, no fighting for a parking spot, no finding daycare, or lugging kids around - and no missing your workouts altogether when life gets crazy busy!

30 minutes a day and not a minute more.

Our schedule is up to 60+ classes a week.

If your gym just isn't "working out," there is another way. Your solution:

The VFit Studio BOGO Pass - 2 Months for $79.



The key to getting in the best shape of your life and staying there is variety.

VFit is one gym pass to rule them all. More diverse than all of your fitness club memberships combined.

Strength. Cardio. Mobility. Flexibility.

We’ve got you covered with access to over 65+ classes per week.

VFit Is Community.

Anyone can do an on-demand workout from home. The question is, how sweaty do you really get and how accountable are you when your motivation is still in bed?

We’ve cultivated a team of highly trained fitness pro's so you can feel supported one push up at a time, one squat at a time, one mountain climb at a time.

Our team is with you all the way. This is the community you’ve been craving.

VFit Is More Tone In Less Time. 

30 minute workouts that’ll transform the other 23.5 hours of your day. VFit are the masters of effective fitness.

Gone are the days of living at the gym to get results. Our trainers are the best out there at crafting the most efficient fitness workouts around.

Sculpt your body. Feel good in your own skin. Get into the best shape of your life. From anywhere in the world, including your living room.

With our combined 70+ years between 8 trainers, you’re in good hands.

Certified extensively by accredited companies, we’re all experienced, insured, and in the BEST shape of our lives.

It’s simple. Our platform works and we can't wait to share the magic with you.


// UNLIMITED access to EVERY SINGLE one of our over 60+ virtual gym classes a week. Each class is only 30 minutes. Join in from wherever LIFE is happening.

// LIVE qualified trainers who’ll to take you through high intensity Cardio, Sculpt, Yoga, Barre, Pilates, and a wide variety of our VFit Studio exclusive classes that you won't find anywhere else.

// Accountability from a LIVE team to help you succeed forever, and an online forum to connect to a community of your biggest cheerleaders

// Access to world-class TRAINER’s to wherever you are streaming in from.


// 24/7 access to our On-Demand library, where we feature a live recording of every class format we offer.

Sign Up Now. Show Up Today. Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life.

Vfit strong



An INFINITE amount of SUPPORT from your VFit Studio team. Each and every person in the VFit Studio is committed to YOU and your goals. Don't go after your health alone. Harness the power of a team and continue your journey with us!


An ever increasing schedule FULL of the hottest and most EFFECTIVE FITNESS workouts across the country. You can be assured that our instructor team continue their education to keep bringing you the best fitness ever. You would need to be a member of several gyms to find the diversity that is offered at VFit Studio.


Exclusive VFit Studio original class formats that you won't find at any other gyms or studio. We pride ourselves on bringing you the most effective, balanced and fun workouts. We pack every 30 MINUTE class to make sure you get the most out of your short time spent with the VFit Team.


A SAFE ENVIRONMENT in every single class. Having the support of a live instructor to safely monitor your form and progress is priceless in our eyes. And there is no denying that you push yourself harder when you are surrounded by others.


A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP full of other rockstars just like you spread across the world helping motivate and keep each other accountable.


With the VFit Studio's LIVE Virtual Fitness Classes you will SAVE TIME. You no longer need to commute to/from a gym, hunt down parking, look for childcare, you can work up to the final second and you never have to leave your family behind. Our workouts truly take only 30 minutes of your day.



New Hampshire

Work from home mom, who wears a million hats, rarely has a second to relax and is often seen rocking VFit classes from her kitchen. Maria is proof that if you have the will and drive, VFit will show you the way.


 Bay Area, CA

A former athlete turned corporate working mom of 2. Colleen didn't even think she had 30 minutes in her days for herself, but thank's to the VFit Studio, Colleen is in the best shape of her life.


Sierra Nevada

Rockstar grandma, mom, and overall human! Lori is Visual Impairment Teacher that has raised her family, helped everyone around her and is ready to put her health as a priority once and for all.