"I was skeptical that I could get a good workout in from home, in only 30 minutes. Your team proved me wrong in the first 2 minutes of class. Total game changer and I'm hooked!" - Kristen

Time flies when you're living life and working out at the same time. That's what VFit is all about.

Getting into the best shape of your life without sacrificing your time. Because life is way more important than a 2 hour round trip to the gym.

Join Our Monthly Membership Today + Get Unlimited Access To Every Class Every Month.

There's one thing we truly believe here at VFit, and that's your health is is THE best investment you can make.

But, you don't need to invest a boatload of time to invest in your health.

VFit is the platform that works into your busy life. Guaranteed.

Remember, our classes are only 30 minutes a day. Not a minute more. Giving back 23.5 hours of your day back to you.

YOUR HEALTH - The Very Best Investment You Can Make.

TIME - Your Most Important Asset.

At VFit Studio we arm you with both!

As a welcoming gift, we've got an offer that's going to knock your socks off!



Time flies when you’re getting fit + having fun.

But this is really just the beginning.

Of your journey to being in the best shape of your life.

With VFit Studio.

Get in the best SHAPE of your life without sacrificing the one thing you don't have enough of - TIME!



Ditch the DVDs. Break Up With Your Gym.

They’re Just Not Working Out For You.

And It’s Not You. It’s Them.

With the VFit Studio there are NO commutes, red lights, packing your kids up for day care, waiting for a class to begin, realizing the class instructor is the overly touchy one (ew), or missing out on life.

Finally a platform that works with you, not against you.

We bring LIVE, Group Fitness classes to YOU! Wherever you are.

Get in the best shape of your life with the VFit Studio Team.

Our secret sauce:

// Effective classes you WILL make time for. The magic is in the 30 minute commitment that fits into your busy life!

// Variety to keep the spice of life. You would need multiple gym memberships to gain access to all the variety we have on our ever expanding schedule.

// Built in accountability to show up every time. There is no secret that accountability from a team is the key to succeeding once and for all. With our reservation system,  2-way video streaming platform, supportive teammates and rockstar Trainers - you will never feel alone again!



// UNLIMITED access to EVERY SINGLE one of our over 65+ virtual gym classes a week. Each class is only 30 minutes. Join in from wherever LIFE is happening.

// LIVE qualified trainers who’ll to take you through high intensity Cardio, Sculpt, Yoga, Barre, Pilates, and a wide variety of our VFit Studio exclusive classes that you won't find anywhere else.

// Accountability from a LIVE team to help you succeed forever, and an online forum to connect to a community of your biggest cheerleaders.

// Access to world-class TRAINERS to wherever you are streaming in from.

// 24/7 Access to our On-Demand Library. We feature a recorded option of each of our class formats and update 5-10 NEW recordings EACH WEEK! These are LIVE recordings of our classes, so you get the same feel as being in a live class, on your schedule.

Sign Up Now. Show Up Today. Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life.

VFit Monthly Membership is only $59/month.

Normally $79. Join Today + Save 25%.

This pass gives you access to UNLIMITED classes each month at the VFit Studio. This is a monthly auto bill contract, which you can cancel at any time and the price will never increase.


All of the above but with greater savings and a larger commitment from YOU.

BAM!  Just one payment and total commitment by you for 12 months of continuous self care.

Take a stand and reach your goal this year for workouts and self care and commit for 12 months of VFit with our team.

Our ENTIRE team will root for you each and every month and support you in reaching your fitness goals.

Vfit strong

Your body is a vessel for living your best life. For being able to put some good into this world.

For waking up each day, placing your feet on the floor and living a life of passion and purpose.

When you are taking care of yourself, when you have the discipline and self respect to exercise, that is when YOU can let your light shine.

Exercise is a super power, don't take for granted all that it can gift you. Confidence, energy, productivity, a longer life, a higher quality of life. We can go on and on.

And as you experienced with VFit, it does not need to take hours a day! Because ain't nobody got time for that right now in this season of life.

VFit is no magic pill. No, you still have to show up and put in the work to get the results and reap the rewards. But that is the best part, you can get everything we talked about in just 15-30 minutes a day.

We've been running the VFit Studio over 4 years now! Our platform, trainer team, members and systems have been PROVEN! Once someone goes the VFit way, they rarely look back! 90% of our members that joined 4+ years ago, are still VFtting strong today!

VFit works, and it works amazingly. It is so much more than a workout, it is a way of life and we are proud to invite you to join our team.

You’re officially ready to break up with you gym for life and join VFit. Don’t worry, you can still be friends with your gym. Although visitation rights might need to be discussed. It’s still such an effort just to visit.


For less than a bottle of water a day, you can become a member of VFit and get unlimited access to every single one of our 65+ classes a week.


I can't think of many things in life that you can put 30 minutes into and reap rewards for 23.5 hours later.


UNLIMITED CLASS PASS - ONLY $59 a Month                (25% off Monthly Rate) 

This pass will allow you to attend UNLIMITED classes each month at the VFit Studio. The regular price of the unlimited pass is $79 a month.

This is a monthly auto bill contract, which you can cancel at any time and the price will never increase.



An INFINITE amount of SUPPORT from your VFit Studio team. Each and every person in the VFit Studio is committed to YOU and your goals. Don't go after your health alone. Harness the power of a team and continue your journey with us!


An ever increasing schedule FULL of the hottest and most EFFECTIVE FITNESS workouts across the country. You can be assured that our instructor team continue their education to keep bringing you the best fitness ever. You would need to be a member of several gyms to find the diversity that is offered at VFit Studio.


Exclusive VFit Studio original class formats that you won't find at any other gyms or studio. We pride ourselves on bringing you the most effective, balanced and fun workouts. We pack every 30 MINUTE class to make sure you get the most out of your short time spent with the VFit Team.


A SAFE ENVIRONMENT in every single class. Having the support of a live instructor to safely monitor your form and progress is priceless in our eyes. And there is no denying that you push yourself harder when you are surrounded by others.


A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP full of other rockstars just like you spread across the world helping motivate and keep each other accountable.


With the VFit Studio's LIVE Virtual Fitness Classes you will SAVE TIME. You no longer need to commute to/from a gym, hunt down parking, look for childcare, you can work up to the final second and you never have to leave your family behind. Our workouts truly take only 30 minutes of your day.



New Hampshire

Work from home mom, who wears a million hats, rarely has a second to relax and is often seen rocking VFit classes from her kitchen. Maria is proof that if you have the will and drive, VFit will show you the way.


 Bay Area, CA

A former athlete turned corporate working mom of 2. Colleen didn't even think she had 30 minutes in her days for herself, but thank's to the VFit Studio, Colleen is in the best shape of her life.


Sierra Nevada

Rockstar grandma, mom, and overall human! Lori is Visual Impairment Teacher that has raised her family, helped everyone around her and is ready to put her health as a priority once and for all.