Meet VFit Studio's Winner of the Top Inspirer Award:Bridget H

VFit Studio's 2019 Award Recipient - Top Inspirer - Bridget H

One thing we love to do here at VFit Studio, is celebrate our members!

Our trainer team nominated a group of women who truly stood out last year for their achievements, dedication, and spirit.

For the first time in our studio's history, we nominated a VFit Studio Top Inpsirer Award and gave the honor to Bridget H of New Hampshire.

Bridget really stood out to the entire VFit trainer team for her enthusiasm and dedication all year long.  She's a die hard 6 AM EBC (east coast early bird crew) member and rose to the occassion as a team leader in our 6 month's matters challenge by bringing together her Team Inspire teammates for half a year!

Team Inspire held strong for six months as a committed group, and Bridget showed a lot of character, spirit, and let's just face it, ENERGY to keep this team going strong.

Here's what Bridget has to say about how VFit fits into her busy life:

"VFit Studio came into my life at the right time. I was ending a rough, busy tax season at at a new accounting firm with a 2 year old and an infant at home.

I didn't feel like me, I was exhausted, felt out of shape, and was just overall run down. I knew I needed something, but how... how could I possibly fit in time for me with a full time job and two littles who needed me?...

Enter a post in a local mom's group where the fabulous Maria shared the VFit free week pass.

I clicked her link, read about VFit and instantly was excited!

The solution I'd been looking for!

Live classes, with a huge schedule of formats and times, that I could do at home, with my kids near me!!

I texted my husband. I signed up and I have never looked back!

Almost two years later and I now take 6am classes every weekday morning and Zumba every Tuesday evening (most often with my now 4 and 2 year olds dancing with me)! I roll out of bed at 5:55 and am done working out by 6:30 before anyone else is even up.

And, if a kid wakes up early, they just come exercise with me! My daughter often became my weights when she was a baby with her ever changing sleep schedule.

Thanks to VFit, I feel great, am in easily the best shape I've ever been, and am setting an example for my littles of the importance of overall health.

This doesn't even factor in the amazing new friendships I have gained and the ever supportive community I am now a part of!

So thank you forever."


If you'd like to kick of a free week of VFit and set yourself up for having more energy and fun this year like our very own VFit Top Inspirer Bridget, visit:

VFit is FUNctional Fitness. VFit is community. VFit is more tone in less time.


Experience for yourself the magic of VFit Studio and try out a free week of classes.

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// After a long day at the office or taking care of the home, release your mind and body with 30 minutes of Yin & Unwind Yoga.

// If you are an early bird, but can't leave the kids behind, set your alarm and get ready to bust a sweat and get your mind right with fellow VFitters.

// At VFit, your teammates and Trainer will come to you!.

// Our morning schedule is packed with classes every weekday from 5:30-7:30am; classes on the half hour.

// No need to worry about childcare, or weather conditions. We have classes running 364 days a year - rain, snow or sun!

// VFit has over 60 LIVE fitness classes a week, all just 15-30 minutes long, with every format your mind and body need - Cardio, Strength, Barre, Yoga, Agility, Mobility, HIIT Training, Stretching and so much more.


If our gym can fit into your life at the absolute busiest time of the year - meaning RIGHT NOW, just imagine how many more workouts and much self care you’ll get in the New Year with our team!

VFit is busier than ever right now for a simple reason.

We are masters at effective fitness, at taking away every roadblock we have living in this amazing, but remote part of the world, and we have created a platform that works 12 months a year in your life!

For the past 4 years, the VFit Studio has been running our live, online group fitness classes.

We are officially at 122,500 member check ins and counting! Many are logging in right now, from your community.

All classes are streamed directly to you!

Your home is your gym.

All From Your Laptop, iPad, or in a pinch, even your phone.


It's time for you to get more done AND take care of yourself

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VFit members just like you, average 5-7 workouts a week.

YOUR HEALTH – The Very Best Investment You Can Make.
TIME – Your Most Important Asset.
At VFit Studio we arm you with both!

Hi, I’m Rachele and I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

Once I broke up with my gym and ditched my DVDs, I figured out a way to feeling fit and fantastic forever.

As a fitness expert and certified trainer, everyone used to think that I’d never let my workouts take a back seat.

They were wrong!

As much as I LOVE fitness and working out, I got to a point in my life where I wasn’t making my self-care a priority.

Ya know, 3 young kids, a business, a husband, a house and everything else called LIFE.

So what was I to do? The gym was no longer an option.

The stress and 2-hour round trip it took to load up my kids, get someone to watch them, attend my class and then drive all the way home was enough to skip my sessions.

I started personal training clients around the world online, and the platform I created was working amazingly for my clients.

We would spend 30 minutes training together, LIVE.

We’d schedule a time, we’d both show up and I’d personally guide them through and incredibly effective workout.

It was brilliant and working!

I was determined to design a way to bring this concept to a larger audience and deliver world-class, group fitness classes to homes, offices and hotel rooms of clients across the world.

And after much hard work and development, the VFit Studio was born.

You are personally invited to try a week of the magic FOR FREE - like no credit card needed, or string attached, free offer!

We want to show you first hand that there is another way, a better way!

So what are your waiting for? Grab a pass below and let's get your started on your journey to peak health and happiness.

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// Grant you 7 days of UNLIMITED access to EVERY SINGLE one of our 65+  virtual gym classes and 24/7 access to our extensive On-Demand Library of recorded classes.

//Each class is only 15-30 minutes. Pick the classes that work best for YOU.

// Connect you LIVE  to high intensity cardio, sculpt, yoga, barre, Pilates, and a wide variety of our VFit Studio exclusive classes.

// Give you accountability from a LIVE team to help you succeed once and for all.

// Bring you access to world class TRAINER’s to wherever you are streaming in from - LIVE! (Yes we can see you and you can see us. That is the magic and safety built into our platform.)

We bring the gym community you love, to YOU - in exactly 30 minutes a DAY!

Passes Need to Be Redeemed and Activated Within The Next:



With 65+ classes a week and counting, there’s always a class that’ll fit into your life.

Simply View our schedule and secure your spot in the classes you want to join for the upcoming week.

We have an exclusive VFit Studio App to manage your reservations + get reminders.

Class registration closes 8 hours prior to class time, so get your calendar out and get booking.


Normally, to get to a yoga class one day, Pilates the next, boxing on Wednesday & cardio on Friday, you’d need 4 different gym memberships. Not to mention commuting to each and every fitness studio.

Not with VFit.

Our classes are more diverse than all of your fitness club memberships combined. Plus, you don’t have to leave your house to show up and work out.

100+ classes and counting delivered directly to the comfort of your home. Our trainers are up to date on the hottest fitness workouts around, educated, certified, insured and passionate about YOUR success.

With our online fitness platform, you’ll find nothing but being in the best shape of your life.


Utilizing the foundations of ballet barre exercises, you will sculpt, strengthen and sweat your way to a more stable posterior chain, obtain more flexibility and build a stronger core.

Core & Caboose

VFit Studio Exclusive Class. The class focuses on working 2 of our most powerful body areas – the Core & Caboose. Challenge your muscles through exercises that will build strength in your most powerful muscles.


Increase flexibility and strength in your physical body and nurture inner calm and confidence that will transform your experience of daily life.

30 in 30

VFit Studio Exclusive Class. Flow between 30 body weight and weighted exercises throughout the class. You will never get bored with this class and it is sure to challenge your whole body.


We've done it again! Another VFit Studio exclusive format. This class you'll be working on your ABC's. That's Arms, Booty, and Core! The class is centered around bodyweight training, an effective way to build lean muscle.

Sculpt & Stretch

Spend the first half building heat in the body and sculpting our muscles and finish up with some deeper stretching. Your body will thank you for every minute of this class that is both rejuvenating and restorative.

Cardio Shred

VFit Studio Exclusive Class. You will use your own body weight to get your heart pumping and endorphins running. Combines non-stop high intensity interval training, with fun cardio drills.

The willPower Method®

Combines alignment-based movements from Pilates® and yoga with strong, athletic calisthenics and dance principles; yielding safe, efficient workouts for everyone at any fitness level.

And So Much More

Check out our ever-increasing schedule that has some of the most effective, fun and safe classes out there. Each class is packed from start to finish to maximize your time spent with our VFit Team.