Introducing The VFit Holiday Hustle ... 

A Season of "Todays"

holiday hustle

People who stop celebrating their wins, will eventually stop having them. 

Simplify to Amplify

Support, Community, Accountability, FUN

We all KNOW the things in life, that when we are consistently doing them, we just feel better.

We have more energy, more presence, more patience, more productivity, and more passion.

But knowing is not the same as doing!

Life gets busy, obligations pile up, and things come in our way that throw us off course.

This seems to happens on an even grander scale during the holidays, right?

We want to challenge YOU to make this final stretch of 2022 a season where you feel a pep in your step like never before.


✨ Meet the Holiday Hustle! ✨


Crafted from the CORE values of VFit, "The 8 Pillars of Wellness" we're over the moon excited to announce our brand new group challenge!

VFit Studio Wellness Wheel Update 2022

✨ A challenge focused on REWARDING YOU for making positive choices throughout your days. ✨


By focusing energy and intention around the 8 Pillars of Health - armed with our proven approach to POSITIVE reinforcement - we're willing to bet this will be one of your best endings to a year, ever!


So how does the Holiday Hustle work??

// This Challenge runs for 9 consecutive weeks, from 10/31-12/31 and is broken into 9 individual weeks.


// 8 weeks will involve using the Holiday Hustle Dashboard (a brand new tool created just for this challenge), to track and reward your positive actions.

Each week, you will complete a new dashboard, based around the Pillars. The slate is wiped clean every Monday.

Your goal...... Simply log as many positive points over 5 days in the week and focus on what choices you made for your wellbeing.


// Each week we will be hosting an All Team Huddle Up and will dive deeper together.

Each Monday, at 4:30PM PST (except meeting 1, which will be 4:30pm on 11/1), a VFit Coach will be leading a huddle up meeting, based around one of the Pillars.

We will share our top insights in that area of health and have time to share as a collective with each other. This is an incredible place to mastermind and grow from each other.

Week 1 - Set Up for Success, "The Abundance Mindset"

Week 2 - Exercise

Week 3 - Outdoors

Week 4 - Food

Week 5 - Water

Week 6 - Self Care

Week 7 - Sleep

Week 8 - Gratitude

Wek 9 - Closing Party and Connection

// There is an opportunity to level up your experience by joining forces with an accountability coach and team, and/or weekly mindfulness practices with Shari.

Hands down, one of the most powerful tools you can arm yourself with - is a team! As humans, we need accountability and motivation.


// Each participant who completes their weekly Holiday Hustle Dashboard all 8 weeks, will be mailed an exclusive commemorative PRIZE!

Every point you earn, is a vote for the person you have become. If you complete all 8 weeks, regardless of point totals, you will be mailed the sacred PRIZE!



** All live events will be recorded and emailed out to participants within 24 hours of meetings. **

"I have been doing resets for several years and over that time my whole outlook on eating and nutrition has changed. I have, essentially, re-learned how to eat. Now I eat cleaner, healthier, and feel 100 times better for it. The amazing team cheers along your successes and guides you through your challenges. One of the best decisions I ever made for my health." Aimee T

"I love the resets because it's about re-framing how you live. It's not about quick diets or crazy workouts. It's a lifestyle program that focuses on all of you. You are so much more than calories in-calories out and this program will help you achieve total body wellness" - Cory D

"The resets have helped me change the way I view food, nutrition, and health. In a supportive, fun, and friendly environment, VFit Squad helps you attain your goals of living your best life." - Amanda A.

"The past couple years have been the busiest of my life, owning a business and having two kids, and yet because of the resets, I have been the most consistent with keeping on a regular health program. It is simple and brilliantly works" Stephanie W.

"The reset team is an encouraging, non-judgmental, supportive team that arms you with killer tools to help you achieve your goals. This team has helped me make small, sustainable adjustments to my lifestyle that have added up to huge wins for health and happiness!" Sandra R

✨ Together We Shine Bright ✨

We begin the journey in just:


The Following Are Holiday Hustle Options to Join:

** Payment plans are available if you need one, please reach out to **

✨Base level includes full entry into the challenge and access to all weekly Huddle Ups.

This is for the participant who loves a good challenge and has no trouble staying self-motivated along the journey.

We will provide you all the tools and resources to navigate each week, along with a weekly full team meet up.

✨We mean it when we say, "The Dream is in the team!" Hands down one of the most valuable resources you can arm yourself with is accountability and support.

Those who join in at the Premier level, will be placed on a team with 10-12 VFitters and one Trainer serving as your head coach.

You will have 3 team meetings throughout the challenge, and communicate weekly with your Coach and teammates, via a private messenger service.

Make lasting connections, have added support and take the journey with a small group of fellow VFitters.

✨The Platinum level includes all of the Premiere perks, PLUS a weekly Mindful Moments sessions with Shari, held every Tuesday at 6pm PST.

If you would like to join Mindful Moments ala carte, you can sign up for the 8 sessions for $79 here.

Over the course of this "Mindful Moments" program, you will receive:

// 8 live 30 minute meditation sessions. Each session will include a breathing technique, a mindfulness strategy and yoga nidra.

// There will be one session a week, Tuesdays at 6pm PST (no meet up the week of Thanksgiving) and all sessions will be held in Zoom. (No worries if you can’t attend live. Immediately following the live session, a video will be sent out to everyone signed up for mindful moments.)

// A weekly email chock full of information about the techniques and ideas of how to implement it into your day.

// An optional written reflection to guide you deeper into your inner being.

The sessions included in this round of Mindful Moments will include the following:

  • Breathing exercises including a new technique
  • Urge Surfing
  • "Yet! "Mantra
  • 3 Part Breathing
  • Inner Resource
  • Slow Moving Hands
  • Physical Grounding (Havening/Mudra/Finger Tapping)
  • Vagus Nerve Activation
  • Pushing Away Emotions: Tapping
We are more fired up than ever to empower the world that self care is not selfish, it's critical care.

The Pillars of Health and our past Reset's are what led to the creation of VFit, and the core values we do not waiver on to this day.

It's time to go back to basics to this proven system that WORKS!

Take this 'busy season' between Halloween and New Years to focus on a clean slate each day, with a supportive team there right alongside you.

✨ Season of Todays ✨