Drawing for Fun with Tom Gately

Art is therapy and an amazing exercise for the brain. we are beyond excited to have this incredible opportunity to learn to draw from Instructor at Pixar(TM) and former Disney(TM) animator, Tom Gately.

Tom has worked on some of your kids' (and OUR) favorite Disney and Pixar classics: Lion King, Pocohantas, Mulan, Fantasia 2000, Cars, Ratatouille, and More!

Want to see the full list of credits Tom has?  You can check this list out on IMDB 🙂
And if you have Disney+, you can see the Oscar Nominated Short 'Day and Night' Tom worked on that shows the balance of day and night in a spectacular way.

You can see more of Tom's work on his Instagram account @tgately23 or see his full list of movies and projects on IMDB.

Once you complete your drawing, spread the love of art!!!  Share it on Instagram and tag Tom!

Drawing for fun with Tom with will focus on basic cartoon principles. We will use simple shapes and easy techniques to draw your favorite Pixar and Disney characters. It will be fun and lighthearted. (No drawing experience is necessary.)

Some supplies you'll need for class:

*paper (any kind will do)

*pencil, pens, markers or crayons
*drawing tablets if you've got them

Most important, have fun!

Learn to Draw 4/27/20 - Pizza Planet Aliens & Smee

Learn to Draw 4/20/20 - Dante & Elsa

Learn to Draw 4/17/20 - Sebastian & Crush

** You'll have to pause at the very beginning of this one to catch up on Sebastian, the recording starts a couple minutes late, but trust us, this is a GREAT class to do on your own.

Learn to Draw 4/15/20 - Eeyore, Flik, and Minnie Mouse

Learn to Draw 4/13/20 - Tigger & Frozone

Learn to Draw 4/10/20 - Aladdin & Forky

Learn to Draw 4/8/20 - Olaf & Doug from Up!

Learn to Draw 4/6/20 - Nemo & Dumbo

Learn to Draw 4/3/20 - Hank from Finding Dory & Mickey Mouse

Learn to Draw 4/1/20 - Lightning McQueen and Stitch

Learn to Draw 3/30/20 - Anger from Inside Out & Pogo from 101 Dalmations

Learn to Draw 3/27/20 - Mike Wazowski & Bambi



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