COOKING 101 with Chef Alisa

Learn tips and tricks to make cooking enjoyable! Including knife skills, professional chef secrets and menu ideas for the whole family.
Chef Alisa grew up with a spoon in her hand standing on a stool next to her Grandma Ann in Southern California and decided very early in life to pursue a career as a Chef. After graduating with honors from CCA in San Francisco in 1998 she went on to work for Wolfgang Puck, Hyatt Hotels, Islands Restaurant Group and Mammoth Mountain to name a few.
Chef Alisa has planned events and cooked for the Hollywood Elite and Business Tycoons. In 2018 she returned "home" to June Lake CA with a baby and a a toddler with a rich desire to help brides and event hosts create exceptional events. East Side Event Company was born!
Through the years Alisa has continued her education and holds the following titles - AOS Culinary Arts, Certificate in Chef Nutrition, Certified ServSafe Instructor, Licensed Marriage Officiant, ABC Certified and she is a Certified Food Handler. Alisa loves to share her culinary gifts with others and the pure joy of feeding and teaching those around her.



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